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Know how Meditation help manage your good health

As we all know about meditation, it is a ritual which has the power to control our whole body and mind. 

when we do meditation, every day it totally controls your fitness lets know how it works on our fitness. meditation is a superprocess which works on our body and mind.

when we do meditation we just control our breath and according to breathe we stretch our body and then we relax our body while performing meditation people should try to control their breathe how he is taking breathe and how he is removing. Meditation helps to improve our health from day one to after this.

meditation helps us to control your breath and by this, we hold our breath inside us and then release it, in this process breathe help to clear our body's toxin by breathing process. 

breathing process is not just a simple process it is a very vast process, breathing is the process which has holds our life which we are living.

Breathing is work on our body and mind and we all know what we think our mind can make it happen because the mind doesn't
make difference.

between true and imagery. and it makes it happen. let,s have an example.

 if you are a fat person and you want to be slim or fit you should go for meditation and practice it every day and feel that it is happening in your life you are living a fit life and perform this every day and resulting you will surprise that it became real and you had overcome from your fatty life.

The reason behind it is that everything starts with our mind and  it ends with the completion of their command,

 I mean to say that what we think in our mind deeply think in our mind it became true by default, really it is our mental nature, what we think, so we get.

 when we meditating and think about fat to fit our mind accept our command and do this and it works till it happen, it is a truth about our mind, mind have superpower which can do anything for us our need is to just command it like we command on computer and computer perform their duty or job which we command,

One important thing which I want to inform you about meditation.

the meditation means not just go in deep meditation but physical exercise also, because according to me meditation is a very vast subject or work which has built up with many exercises.

which has the different role on our mind and body, mind work on our physical body and physical body's appearance is a reflection of our inner thought it means that as we think so we became.

 if it is true then why not we use it for our benefit. I think you must have understood that how meditation helps us to overcome from deadly fatty life. 

so here my succession is for everyone to do meditation and live our desire life a healthy life.

One important exercise is a kapalvati exercise which plays a vital role in our weight lose programmer.

 kapalvati exercise directly burn our stomach fat rapidly and it is very easy to use this exercise. 

To do kapalbhati exercise just simply sit down and bent your leg and make a ninety-degree angle from your hip to your head and take a deep breathe and hold it inside and then remove it by one single attempt and repeat it for few minutes like 5 to 10 minute every day.

 definitely, it will help you to burn your fat, this exercise known as it is performed to maintain good health if you perform this exercise defensively you will be able to find out our fit physical body.

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