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secrate of maditation

     secrete behind the meditation is a divine content?

  •    as I have told to all of you in my previous post about what is meditation?
meditation is a super course where people try to understand their problem and
there solution

Today here I will disclose how meditation will help anybody to achieve their goal in the

today I will disclose all about how to perform yoga how  it will useful to you
 to start yoga first you have to sit in a certain place which you have to decide before starting
yoga and try to maintain every day that place for doing your divine deed
there are four type of yoga
one part of yoga.
  1. sankhya yoga
  2. karma yoga
  3. bhakti yoga
  4. dhayan yaga
 sankhya yoga according with divine Gita the worlds best divine  book


 Duryodhana mentioned the great warriors of the two armies, but Dronacarya did not utter a word. So Duryodhana became sad. Then, Bhisma blew his conch loudly to cheer Duryodhana.

Image result for divine picture of yogaHearing the sound of his conch, drums and cow-horns etc. of the Kaurava and the Pandava armies blared forth. After this (from the twentieth verse) the dialogue between Lord Krsna and Arjuna began.

arjuna asked Lord Krsna, to place his chariot in the midst of the armies, in front of Bhishma and Drona etc., asked Arjuna to behold the Kurus. Giving seen his kinsmen, he was filled with compassion and sadness, that he cast away his bow and arrows, and slumped into the seat of the chariot.
Image result for divine picture of yoga
The second chapter starts with Sanjaya telling Dhrtarastra, what Lord Krsna had said to Arjuna when he was overwhelmed with grief.

There are two things in the world, the soul and the body and both of these are not to be grieved for, because the soul never ceases to be and the body is ever perishable. so here it is explained that the soul is immortal, while the body is mortal.
NA TVEVAHAM JATU NASAM NA TVAM NAME JANADHIPAH-(meaning) people think that I did not exist before My incarnation and you and these kings were also non-existent before our birth. But it is not so. All of us certainly existed, because the reality is always existent, unaffectedly time, place and circumstances etc.
Image result for divine picture of yoga
Dhyana yoga

I, you and these kings, had their previous existence' - this declaration could suffice. But could suffice. But contrarily it is said - I, you and these kings had no such pre-existence- this is not true'.

The reason is, that by the latter expression that there was no such pre-existence- is not true', the fact of their pre-existence is emphasized.it means, that the real is eternal. It was never caught. by the term.

 Janu theLord means to say that in all times- past, present, and future and in all climes, circumstances, states, incidents and things etc., this really never ceases to be ever.
Here, by using the word' Aham' Lord Krsna identifies Himself with other people, in order to explain that the real never ceases to be, while in the fifth verse of the fourth chapter Lord Krsna says.

  "You and I have taken many births. I  know them all, while you don't know", which shows that He as the Lord, is different from other. In the fifth verse of the fourth chapter,  the Lord expresses His excellence, eminence, and glory as compared to with ordinary normals, while in this verse he expresses his unity, with the soul of common men.
Image result for divine picture of yoga

this is just introduction of yoga it is so vast which cannot be brief so sort that removes their essence of yoga to know yoga you must know about Gita.

 there is no any difference between yoga and Gita because both teach people what to do and how to do, my dear friend's yoga is very vast subject to understand be calm and patient to understand yoga.
I will reveal all the secret slowly just keep tune with us

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