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what is meditation and what is its need in human life.

As we understand that what is yoga, according to the title we can understand that simply yoga means to connect your body and mind unite them to each other. and when that work is done, it is called yoga

 you don't think, that yoga means to just sit down close your eyes for some time and doing some breathing exercise these are not yoga, these are simply part of yoga which just gives you simply physical relaxation for your body and few relaxations to your mind. keep in tune with me I will reveal the truth inside of yoga and its importance in our life.

                                                                                                                                                                                        As if like yoga then you are the stage of just about to begin for your journey from material life to eternal life 'which start' when you stop thinking of outsider of your mind. 

As we understand about yoga. yoga is a process, thinking of a way. because the main meaning of yoga is to connect a person with their reality to understand who is he to know these people mostly do yoga every day in their person with their reality,

to understand who is he, to know these people mostly do yoga every day in their day to day life. 
as according to yoga, all our work which we perform from our physical or mental body all those are the part of yoga, their are several type of yoga which performed by different people as according to their need. we do yoga according to our need of physical fulfillment, so some time we hagitate to be continue with yoga, but we thing about importance of yoga we do everyday without any hesitation , as i have informed you before yoga means to connect yourself with yourself means when you forget all about your self in deep meditation that stage called real yoga because when you forget yourself it means you are searching about what you are not and if you are continue with this exercise sooner or later you will get some cosmic power to convinced some one that what is write with super proof.

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