How to Know Delusion or wonder

There is one thing important about a human being which is about rules people follow rules. But if you deeply search or observed them, you will find that they are not just following them but have bound themselves to rules they become the slave of the rule. 

see here the full story of delusion:

They do not try to understand that rule is for men's civilization, civilization is not for the rule. rules or regulations are formed to maintain our society to maintain them with people for people. Rules are created to make our world beautiful and easy to handle situations. 

But these days I'm finding that people are blind to watch rules when they are applying them in their life. to know more see here.

delusion or wonderThere are too many rules for men in their minds but he doesn't know about them.

 see here the scenario one man came to a sage first time when he arrived there by a doctor, who has sent him there. 

that man has a stomachache and the doctor applied all his idea but failed and then he was sent to the sage.

the important thing here is doctor sent him because became bored with that patient and just he wants to get rid of him because for one year the patients came every day to his clinic and because the other patients were falling bed and his business becoming downward so to get rid of them he was simply throw out to the sage.

 and told the sage please give me sacred water by your hand to overcome my stomachache which was with me for the last year my doctor said that only wonder can cure me.

 here one thing important is that the problem is in the mind not in the body, or it is a mental deletion that he has the stomachache and that is the reason the doctor was unable to cure them and sent him to a sage.

But Sant has denied doing this because if I do this one time for you then next other people like you come to me to cure their illness.

 then that person prostrates before him and told me that he won't speak to anyone please give me water. Sant said you will get relief but I will be in bondage of that delusion and  he tried till night at 12 o'clock,

 and finally, start crying over there, and he decided to get water and create his will according to that must he will get the sacred water. 

that guy compelled Sage for water, and then Sant told him to make the promise that he won't reveal this to anyone he made a promise then Sant give him water and he took water and told his miracle his stomachache has cleared. 

This all happens because of delusion and it is easy for those who have blind devotion in the deep of their mind, here we have seen a patient who was suffering from stomachache and his belief that a sage have a superpower and this is the place from where delusion arises.wonder

A problem in this process is that do not clear that this all wonder is happening in your mind then you can run this business of ( Wonder) 

wonder because if it will appear to your devotes then their illness will return to them again.

 you have to create an environment surrounding you with your people who will say yes he or she has some superpower to make someone free from all worry then this will come wise this won't work.

IllustrationHere one important piece of information is that these all deeds were done in someone's mind first then it appears to people.

if your mind will clear about delusion and reality about wonder then you can simply understand that all wonders happen in your mind not in the world first.

 so we must understand your all illness is not real but just what you have created in your mind and because of it you fill illness so first clear your mind and thoughts and then you also will be able to create wonder. 

 remember the real teacher is inside you so don't try to search for them outside clear your own delusion in your mind then you can overcome your all delusion.

one day one man visits his relatives and their relatives think that he is new here so he may be lost his address or anything like this they decided to threaten them that there is a ghost here so don't try to go anywhere at night.

  because of fear, he didn't go anywhere alone for days also the ghost was sitting in his mind which was not real but just imagery.

 then he wants to meet a Sant he offers a magical ring he took and comes back but later he thought what happens if I lost my ring or somebody has stolen it and again he is filled with the same fear.

here the problem was in the mind is not real and the fear of ghosts was just exchanged with a magical ring these are delusions so just clear your mind and your thought and overcome yourself from deletion of wonder this is the reality of delusion or wonder.

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