why intellectual irritates us


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The most important question here is about the intellectual,  is not a delusion but it creates a question of devotion.
 and intellectually don't against devotion but it helps to find out the most relevant answer.
 Intellectual says to check whether you are right or wrong. intellectuals are with you and inform you that don't believe easily check it, it may lead you in the wrong direction.
intellectual is your friend who helps you to get the best result against your verdict.  ex- 
when you go to the market to buy an earthen pitcher you check all possible ways to know that this pitcher is all right to hold water.
you check whether there is any hole inside it or it is clear it means your intellectual helps you to find your possible result or reality about the matter that is useful to you.
 you don't say that intellectual says what is against the earthen pitcher to check its construction or its body construction is good or bad to use it.

 It means intellectual helps us to get the best result in our day-to-day life. your intellectual says buy a pitcher to hold water not to buy a pitcher which has a hole and water may be licked out from it. and you have the devotion and find the devotion where you can find god and hold godhood inside it is a devotion which comes from the intellectual.

Don't go against the intellectual because it helps you to find the only right answer. 
The only wisdom has intellectual foolish holds only believe they don't have intellectual and there is a wide difference between intellectual and believe. 

believe it only shows that someone or that person doesn't have the ability to find what is right or wrong. a person who has to believe that can accept whatever he will get information from someone any
cosmic lightinformation portal.

Denied or create a question you must possess some intellectual without intellectual nobody can create a question about someone or something. 

intellectual says you to put a question open your mind think over it and whey your all doubt will clear and the final answer your intellectual will arise that would be devotion.

 I am with you I don't say don't believe and believe has sent you to the downfall and has killed you, this is the believer who has divided you into different caste and creed. Because of your beliefs, you fill yourself as a Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, etc.

 these all are because of your beliefs. Here I want to make a religious
and it means who will be in search of reality, a person who will find out restlessly, who doesn't try to save himself but totally indulged
himself find out the reality, he will bear much many pain agony to find out the reality. 

it is intellectual 
whenever one question arises it just irritates us till its satisfied answer. and whenever doubt came to arise it irritates us because all questions pinche us like a needle.

 and when doubt arises it instigated us to go in the wrong direction we feel unhappy, our body moves down, our mind and heart create wrong projections about our thought we feel very weak and helpless.

 but don't worry it is the place to find out your answer ask a question with an open heart don't pass any question other by that would be an Akhilesh heel who will become your most worry.

 check your boat before entry into the deep sea after entry you can't make any change in your boat so check at the seashore closed all the open doors of your boat, closed all holes before going in to see, and when you see everything is okay your intellectual says everything is okay then you can enter into the deep sea. ]

after the intellectual examination of which beliefs you get that is called devotion. and that intelligence is the base of birth for Buddhists.  

instrumentswhat is the need of losing heart to search for your intellectual and it is just like a fire that burns you from top to bottom?

 it creates agony in your entire body but only it can give you real devotion? each question is real and there are only two answers either you will get its answer or not. 

otherwise, you will find that this question is not a right question. this has misconception like- if somebody asks you what is the smell of color red question is just look like.
 write a question but there is no relation because there is no relation between color and smell according to grammar it is the right question but in reality, it is the wrong question.

  I want to inform you don't believe anybody just finds your answer by your self. Because if you believe someone he may want to mislead you or it is also possible that he (that guy) is also in ignorance and both of you are going in the wrong direction.

 So search answer for your question and which you find you fill happy and which you didn't find answer till last you will get filling to abut that question wasn't right. 

you must get the answer to the question and your intellectual will wake up for the wrong question ok. in both situation you will free from a question and in this process, at last, you will get a position that is devoted.

somebody says intellectual create a question for devotion but intellectual doesn't create problem to devotion but you believe without any question easily you made your belief that creates the problem.

remember devotion is the greatest thing and you want to get easily. you don't want to pay for it, that is reason problems arise. devotion is a part of god and it is not easily available.

 Remember the elements of intellectual is a part of god so open and it and think intellectual just help you to find the perfect answer it is not against you it helps you to create a great personality.

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