why our wisdom doesn't grow.

There is a wide difference between human mentality and animal mentality.

 A animals bodily age and physical age would be same but humans are not same in this state because humans have a special thing which called wisdom. an ass has different mental age and physical age.

 Only a human has a different mental and physical age. you will surprise to know your mental and physical age. 

First time in the world at the time of second world war a new device was invented in the world to calculate human (IQ) level, before this, there was nothing to calculate human (IQ) level.

 It is applied for the soldier to calculate their mental and physical age,

center of wisdom
 the level of wisdom was calculated on the scale and the result shows average age was  12 or 13 which surprised humanity.

But in present time scientists have proved that in an age of 4 years he can be learned about 50 % of all his mental live then its mean you are
living for nothing and in the years 12 years old age he can be learned 100 %.

It means you just live your life but you can't learn anything. your wisdom will stop learning further only your physical body will grow up

 according to Buddhist, it is called (alp Buddhist sutra) this human called like an animal.

because he can't grab new information alp sutra means the power of listing because wisdom release from listing as we say to join some sat-sang means an ability to grab information by listening.

 right listing Mahavira said who can be listing perfectly he can get his divinity.

it means listing is enough. like somebody said your hand will burn if you put it in fir if you understand this it means you are primary listener you don't have to check it.

 but if you didn't believe on that word and decided to check whether it is working or not and then you put your hand in fire and getting burnt you remove your hand and then decided in a temple that never I will do this again in whole of my life it means you are sant and it is secondary wisdom.

primary wisdom who can be learned by just listening, not a too practical examination.

 Remember you are the flame of lamp don't think your self the lamp will destroy but his flame will move up after death.

 your ability of listening will instigate you to move up when a child takes birth in this world his all potential energy become unite and because of that energy accumulation wisdom gets power.

 wisdom is just like a baby in you and it is the outcome of your all potential energy you can call it is the butter of your all wisdom. wisdom is the peak.
let's have one example when we eat some food it creates blood and blood create flesh and then sperm and then wisdom (Praga) it is the final outcome.

 if we store our sperm (energy) we can increase our mental age because there are the straight relation between energy and wisdom. 

that is the reason human mental age is going to down, to overcome this situation ashram  has been  created like celibacy, family-er, etc 

after this one new thought will appear in mind and that will for dharma and human will search for pilgrimage, and he will like to worship their respected lord in their different form of adoration, 

philosophers say, after all, every 14 years a  new thought arises in the human being and after this, he will be moved on the search for spiritual freedom which Hindus called moksha, and it is bigger than their religion.

Religious you can calculate you can measure but moksha is over than them it is the higher level of life.

 it is the final level of their wisdom it is the final goal. 

Religious is like water if you closed you feast water will be wiped out but your palm will wet, but if moksha is like a vapor you can't see it. dharma is also so much important as sexual desire, it is our inner filling which occurs automatically.

to get wisdom you must have to overcome from your all mental bondage and to grow your wisdom.

 you must have to be free from all your filling, open yourself forever, to release your wisdom, and these all only available in Indian culture and to get wisdom to follow Indian culture and its religious source.

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