Do you Know women not mates after marriage?

mating or intercourse is the key to relationships one important thing is that everyone in this world wants to love their partner. but do you know why most women are not interested in sex (love)? 

There is a comprehensive reason behind it to stay me and I will unfold all the secrets in front of you. 

why women are not intrested in sex afrer marriage.

Ever you have to think about yourself that whenever you are more buried or more excited you are full of more sex or love in your life, isn't it. Have you ever cared about it?

If not then please think and care about it Whenever your mind will full of sorrow or agony your mind will go for sex and it is 100% true if you are reading this post please care about it and you will definitely understand whether it is true or false.

Because the mind also releases his sorrow and agony with Hamburg. and the mind gets to relax after having sex, and remember whenever your mind is full of sorrow, agony, or tired, the exit must your mind will ask for having sex to your partner,

but if you are free and your mind is full of joy, happiness, calm, and total tranquility it hardly demands Hamburg. And there is a reason behind it when you or your mind is full of different situations and a fully loaded mind also won't be free and want to release its load and sex is the best way to relax.


 Remember sex is a way to relax the mind and body to recharge himself and having sambhog is orating by a valve.

When our body and mind are filled with too much information and our body and mind both failed to bear this load of information.

then the body and mind use this valve to relax because this is the way to control the body and mind to protect their identity.

release air and a safe stove for the long valve are very important, human life is the same and the Sambhog operating system works just like a safety valve. and this valve is the only man has women hasn't this valve to use on his will.

 EX-2 Think about a pressure cooker it works to cook fast food think if its valve is locked and it doesn't remove air when it is filled with vapor what will happen???

just the same, our body is also like a pressure cooker and Sambhog is a pressure-removing valve that removed a heavy load on the mind and body. and save us.

Ever you have cared about a fat man almost a simple man who doesn't like to quarrel with anyone he likes to just show happiness because he knows that he can't fight with someone, he can't run fast.

 why women are not interested like men?

Husband and wife

according to the above information, we have understood the biology of Sambhog in human life, but there is no valve in women, and finally, she understands that we are just like a thing for men. 

where men like to remove their physical pressure, agony, and sorrow. 

This is the most important reason that women dislike making a relationship, mostly overcome by having sex after marriage because she doesn't have any valve to remove her agony, her sorrow, etc. 

women think men just use their bodies to get relax and there is no love with her because after having relationships with men after Sambhog likes to sleep.

 another side to change his body and the woman crying waking and she finally realized that there is no love, but just he is using her body to get relax and from here quarrel get started between them.

because she doesn't have any safety valve like men, women like to use the hard word with their partner breaks the home utensils, arrogant in attitude just to release their mental and physical load.

 and she also likes to quarrel every day men become bored with their wives and life is filled with sorrow.

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