Best 11 homemade remedy for vaginal itching relief

vaginal itching is a blemish over your physical appearance for a certain time in your life. which appears to be our feeling embarrassed in publicly.

Vaginal itching is not mosquito bite itching, which may control easily or bearably.

Sometimes we find vaginal itching creates relationship problems for husband and wife in their relationship.  

this itching is a signal, that fungi or yeast has attacked the vaginal part. This itching test your stamina. how much time you can hold yourself, not to itch. if you are in a public area.

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vaginal itching during the summer season increases at high rates.

 causes of itchy vagina & home remedies?

As you started itching the affected area, your mind or wisdom says to continue and get a shoot in mind. This work finishes with a burning sensation and blood shade outside of the affected skin. and then you feel why I did this?

this is a partial outcome of this vaginal itching which became a root of embarrassment. 

sometimes we find irregular menstrual cramps which are a result of poor health care and became reasons for vaginal itching.

if you fall into itching publicly in the summer season. it will test you and enjoy very much playing with you. the game of itching. 

check your stamina. Click below, to find out how much time you can hold on. 

Women are mostly known for their beauty and beauty wants care. vaginal itching is a shine of neg-lance. sometimes it occurs after vaginal surgery. which is now popular for those who want to regain their virginity.  

Then itchy question appears in my mind.

what care? 
who compels women to suffer problems?
what are women's problems?

If you sit and start counting, you will find a list of problems that are surrounded, by women. vaginal itching is the epicenter.

There may be many reasons for vaginal itching. Which causes vaginal itching. indifferent stages.  

Here in this post, I will discuss some very effective home remedies for vaginal itching which will definitely satisfy you.

What is vaginal itching?

Women's genital organ, which is called the vagina is just like a cave that is covered with the outer layer and the internal layer. 

Sometimes vaginal itching appears because of many health issues. It may sometimes be the output of long dryness of the vagina or sometimes it appears by chemical irritants, some times we found if you are using scented soaps. 

Getting too many mates for the allure of conceiving is also a cause of vaginal itching.

Then it creates or sprouts some yeast, and bacteria that cause infection surrounding the area of your vagina. resulting in itching of the vagina. sometimes it turned red or you feel a burning sensation. 

during the summer season, beauty care tips are so much important to protect us from skin-related diseases. intimate parts also get wet with sweat and itching.

 it appears for those who don't have any intimate problems or sometimes swallow. you can justify your reasons. why it happens, when you saw your vaginal infection. 

These are some very common reasons for itching the vagina

If you are searching for a home remedy for vaginal infection or itching vagina homemade remedy then here a list of homemade remedies are available for you to give the best solutions. You can apply according to your need.

For instance. Finding types of vaginal infections would be very easy if you just open your mind and care about where the itching is occurring. 

Is it inside your vagina or outside of the vagina? Inside itching is mostly known as yeast infection and outer is common irritation that is caused by skin diseases or eczema. 

vaginal itching home remedy.
in most cases, gynecologists find yeast infection causes vaginal itching

But don’t lose hope if your problem is different than this.

First of all, I would like to say it would be a clever decision to consult a doctor. but sometimes we are unable to consult any doctor for many reasons, which stop women or ladies from openly consulting any doctor. 

if you want to consult a gynecologist then a link is below you can make an online meeting without any agitation.

so don't worry, here I have a collection. 

best of 11 homemade remedies for itching vaginas.

Baking soda

Hope None is here who doesn’t know about baking soda, it is available in almost every home. because it is a kitchen item. this soda has a long history as a beauty ingredient women are using it for their beauty enhancement.

Likewise, this baking soda is also used for vaginal infections or for itching the vagina

Direction for use

You can use baking soda while bathing and use this, in place of soap. it will soothe your vagina. and kills most yeast infections. which causes your vaginal itching.

Many studies publish show baking soda is working well on itchy skin conditions and it also killed candida cells, which causes yeast infection inside the vagina.

Its recommend doses are ¼ cup of baking soda to your bath or making it into a paste and applying it to your skin to treat eczema. 

A study from 2005 published which says baking soda baths are an effective treatment for psoriasis,

Greek yogurt

 yogurt is a common home remedy for itching the vagina.

Do you know bacteria are two types one is good for humans and another is bad? using a probiotic, yogurt promotes the growth of good bacteria in the vagina? 

This bacteria can kill some of the yeast and keep your vagina healthy.

  the research was conducted on more than 100 pregnant women with yeast infections. Researchers gave a yogurt and honey treatment to 82 of them and the rest of them got anti-fungal cream. 

The study found that a mixture of honey and yogurt was more effective at treating vaginal yeast infections than over-the-counter antifungal medication.

another study publishes in 2015 also proved how Greek yogurt is useful for vaginal itching.

  how to use

you can insert yogurt inside your vagina you can also sock tampons with yogurt and they insert tampons inside the vagina. 

you can massage yogurt surrounding the area of the vagina. 

Cotton underwear

Sometimes we found that your reason for vaginal itching is just due to your underwear, which may not be pure cotton, or sometimes. 

it is found you bought luxurious underwear and its fabric is silk or nylon. which creates vaginal itching.  so check your underwear and if it is non-cotton then switch to Cotton underwear. 

This is helpful if you have any sort of vaginal or vulvar discomfort. cotton underwear is breathable, which means that it can help reduce itchy skin conditions. you can buy it from here. buy now

Wearing cotton underwear might prevent yeast infections like yeast thrives in areas that aren’t well-ventilated. bye cotton underwear from us. buy now

Apple cider vinegar bath

Apple cider vinegar is made with 94% of water and 1% of carbohydrates which provides 22 calories, and negligible content of micronutrients. which is used for beauty benefits treatment.

which would be the best homemade medicine for vaginal itching. 

Many people believe that adding apple cider vinegar to your bath can soothe a yeast infection it's also a common home remedy for itchy skin.

buy apple cider vinegar with us.

You should use a cup of apple cider vinegar in your bath water and let it for some time soak or dissolve into the water and then bathe.

you can also directly insert it inside your vagina. 

you can use it with salad.

Probiotic supplements.

Probiotic supplements are a good source of food supplements and help to build a strong immune system.

which produces beneficiary Bacteria which is essential for vaginal health, and probiotics can increase the good bacteria in your vagina.

You can find probiotics supplements, such as capsules and tonics, at your local drugstore or health store, or shop. 

these probiotic supplements promote the growth of healthy and helpful bacteria in your vagina and gut.

These can be taken as preventative measures, too. Your doctor might recommend taking probiotics when they prescribe antibiotics.

Coconut oil

Coconut is a well known-fruit that is a good source of multiple herbal medicinal ingredients. You can use these amazing fruits in various ways. 

But here  I want to inform you that one can use it as a homemade vaginal itching magician.

A study which is published in the years of 2016 demonstrates that coconut oil can kill Candida albicans which causes yeast infections. 

However, this study was done in a lab, and there isn’t enough evidence to confirm whether it works in humans.

How to use

You can insert coconut oil directly into your vagina.

Be sure to use high-quality and pure coconut oil. Wear a pad if you try this remedy, as it could otherwise leave a mark on your clothing.

buy high-quality coconut oil with us. buy now.
buy pure cotton and high-quality sanitary pads. buy now.

coconut oil massages are a very good option for applying a surrounding area of infection.

nowadays women are moving to jojoba oil which is filled with amazing health benefits. you can also use jojoba oil.

Antifungal cream

Antifungal cream is nowadays getting more popular because of its smooth shooting ingredients which help to stop yeast infection inside the vagina very fast. it is a favorite of the working woman. 

If a yeast infection is causing your discomfort, there are many over-the-counter anti-fungal creams that can bring you relief. 

They kill off the yeast, which soothes the itch. They can also come in the form of vaginal suppositories, which are inserted into the vagina.

If you use an anti-fungal cream or suppository on your vagina, it’s best to wear a pantyliner to stop it from seeping into your pants.

Cortisone cream

Many females use cosmetics for vaginal itching as the name home remedies. But remember cosmetics are not remedied for vaginal itching and use it. 

If you have an itchy crotch after shaving pubic hair, cortisone cream might be your best bet. 

read also: mela care cream review 

This can also be used to treat eczema, allergic skin conditions, and some rashes. It reduces the itch and soothes it.

The cortisone cream should never be applied inside your vagina but can be applied to the skin outside of it where pubic hair grows.

Probiotic foods.

Probiotic food is an essential food that helps our immune system to do too good for our body and all internal parts of the body. 

Think is there any weekend side running with your diet if so then switch to Eating food that contains probiotics that can promote the growth of healthy bacteria in your vagina ad gut? 

This is important for your vagina and your gut to be healthy.

Probiotic foods include.

Ø Yogurt
Ø Kombucha
Ø Kimchi
Ø Sauerkraut
Ø Miso

If you have a yeast infection, eating the above food can help your body fight it.

Change napkin

Sometimes it is found that the itch in your vaginal area is just because of your sanitary napkins. 
there would be many chemical reasons that include napkin appearing irritation or itching surrounding area of your vaginal area.

At the time of preparation, this type of sanitary napkin is filled with some special glue which may occur as skin allergies and you find vaginal itching.

Have you ever held your concerns about it? maybe one of the most reasons for sanitary napkins, is that it would be better for you to switch from your regular pad to another brand. or you can move to the urinary device which is a medicinal achievement for women.


Practicing good vaginal hygiene can prevent and soothe an itchy vagina.

Sometimes, less is more when it comes to washing your vagina and vulva. 

Your vagina washes, so all you need to do is wash the outside of your vagina vulva with some warm water.

Do not use scented soaps, gels, or cleansers, avoid even those that are marketed as feminine hygiene or intimate cleansers. 

Vaginal douching should only be done if your doctor prescribes this. here is a list of female personnel hygiene .tips which every woman must follow.

Douching and over-washing your vagina and vulva can actually, cause itchiness, soaps, and scents can irritate the vagina and causes allergic reactions and infections.

Some most common causes

Vaginal itchiness is often due to one of these common causes.

Yeast infection

Yeast infection is a very common infection that causes vaginal infection. If you are feminine, then there is a 70 percent chance that you’ll be stuck with a yeast infection at some point in your life.

 according to Mayoclinic other than itching, yeast infections can cause you to have a thick, white, cottage cheese-like discharge.

Bacterial vaginosis

This happens when a certain kind of bacteria overgrows in the vagina, most commonly Gardnerella vaginal.

 Bacterial vaginosis is often accompanied by a flashy odor: discharge that is gray, white, or green, and burning during urination.

Vaginal dryness.

This is a symptom of many conditions. It can cause your vagina to feel itchy inside. It can also cause discomfort during sex or masturbation. 

Water-based lubricants can help with vaginal dryness. You can visit your doctor if it seems to be a consistent problem for you.

Exposure to irritants.

Irritating chemicals in pads intimate washes, sprays, and more can irritate the skin and cause an itchy vagina. 

This is why it’s recommended that you avoid using anything other than water to wash your vulva.

 If you suspect your pad is irritating your skin, try a different brand, or switch to tampons or a menstrual cup.

Skin conditions.

Eczema, psoriasis, and dry skin can often be sealed to itchiness- and can affect your pubic area and the skin around your vulva.

At the present time, we are finding women are oiling pubic hair which may lead to these types of itching problems.


A number of STIs could cause vaginal itching. These include.
v Chlamydia
v Genital warts.
v Gonorrhea
v Genital herpes
v Trichomoniasis
v Pubic lice

The above skin conditions require medical attention, so speak to your doctor if you think you have an STI 

UTI is alow a common reason for vaginal itching did you concern about this. let's see how UTI affects vaginal health.

What is the need for a doctor?

Well as a woman your vagina is not just an ordinary organ that may be cured auto so keep in mind you must take care of more important than your physical or beauty.

 so whenever you find some irritation then consult a ladies' doctor for your problems.

While an itchy vagina can often be treated with home remedies.

These symptoms include.

v Pain or burning during sex or urination
v Pain in the genital area or pelvic region
v Genital redness or swelling
v Blisters or strange spots on your vulva
v Unusual vaginal discharge, especially discharge that is green, yellow, or gray
v Discharge that looks frothy or has a cottage cheese-like texture
v A foul odor

Your doctor will ask about your symptoms and take a look at your medical history. They might perform a pelvic exam which involves examining your vulva and vagina.

Final words…

A home remedy for vaginal itching would be the best solution for your vaginal yeast-related itching. but It would be better to consult some gynecologists. 

For a better solution. Nowadays women are using different types of activities for their life improvement. 

It is moving cosmetic surgery to vaginal surgery for her life improvement. You must think before using anything because it is your life and you can make a change it,

Hope this information would help you a lot, you think so then share it with your friend to enlighten them.

Follow us for more interesting fact stories with the super solution.

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Best 11 homemade remedy for vaginal itching relief

vaginal itching is a blemish over your physical appearance for a certain time in your life. which appears to be our feeling embarrassed i...

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