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process of breathe in meditation

Breathe process is very much important, it is the essence of this process. 

it is the oxygen of meditation. it is current to flow your super mental waves for your best use. 

breathing is very much accurate with the mind when it is busy in meditation and our duration of holding breathe and release it create the perfect situation for getting supermind.

became meditation so one should breathe with the mind when you meditating this is the right way of meditation. 

breathing is the power 

Let us know how breathing help to get perfect meditation when we go for meditation.

we think that I have to perform this as usual and we do. but when we alignment it with our thinking process. 

we request to our mind to do as I say and we start meditation and try to focus on our breathing. and find out its intensity and its length its softness and its focus area as well as focal length.

then feel its charge which working on your body mind and your inner composition area of its storage memory files and then you come back to your life and again mix them with your present knowledge this is all depend on your breath. 

Breathing creates a vital or more than a vital role in meditation. To became meditation you must understand breathing.

Let us start breathing while meditation, start with long breath and hold on till you can and then remove very gradually from your mouth till last you can remove.

 then hold on and then start gradually breathe in, these all process will merge in your meditation and one should project himself that he is doing this process.

 after few days you will find to watch your projector and your project.and you can do it any time anywhere in any condition this and many more which we can't count it is countless which is just done by breathing so don't just breathe but feel it merge it in your mind and body. these are the process of mind.

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