Important of second relations in life

Every human being wants to be happy in their life after and before marriage. but the question is there is that do you know how to get or fulfill the need to be happy?????

talking girl on mobile most of us think that one should be loyal to their life partner. 

And he tried hard to maintain their dignity of love and loyalty to their partner in their everyday life.

 But the question arises after marriage after the married men become bored with their wife because everyone knows the reason behind it.

 one important reason behind it is men have all covered women in their minds and body they think women are their property and they don't have the right to speak against men.

 and also men like to impose their will on the women and compelled them to do as he said and this is the most important reason for conflict between men and women.

shiv parbati
Donald Trumph

 our civilization is formed as men would be ruled over women that are the reason men want to make the second relation in their life.

 just to fulfill their desire to satisfy themselves because men think that their wife doesn't fulfill their desire and their need is incomplete. 

These all happen because of our life management which we have accepted in our life according to what our parents had told us.

 we never accept that our wife has a second relationship with someone else but on the other hand men like to make a second relationship and no one can ask questions about it.

whenever your desire for love is not fulfilled by your life partner men will find some other way to fulfill their desire for love and this is the place where the second relation will arise.

and if you have found out some shortcuts in his life sometimes your mind will say that you are doing wrong because you have tough like this your priests and another one who says that I have knowledge of scripture will say that it is wrong you should loyal with your single wife.

  Definition of love is saying that love is a feeling which no one can bind in a single place think over it in one example.

 if one person loves the flower of the rose then he won't love another flower, lotus flower he won't like, he won't like the flower of jasmine, he must like these all flowers because if you are a lover of flower you must like all the flower no one can bind him to just love a single flower


 if you give freedom to everybody for the love and our partner may love with someone else and we do not create agony in our mind and give full freedom of life to everyone then everybody and our civilization may be happy forever. 


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