The Art of Awaking Yourself Effortlessly!

stress mindAwaking in a different situation, If you’re taking your meals and I may say you eat and run. 

you can do only one thing at a time. Or if, I say you go to your office and sleep you may do one thing either move to an office or move to sleep. Remember waking is not a competition exam, you can take your meals by waking or without waking, the meaning of waking is just only that at the time of taking meals your mind or you are conscious must be with you in present, but if your mind is moving somewhere else it is mean your meals are out of waking.

How to understand the mind activities?

 You are taking your meal to the table and your mind is in the office. which means neither you are in the office nor at the dinner table. because your mind is not there, it means your work of taking your meal without awaking. because your mind is not there. It is in the office, but your body is not in the office which means a total loss of conscious
memory power

. Breaking of this situation is called waking, at the time of tainting meal your mind must have to be with the meal he should not to go anywhere, care about your single bite how you are biting and how you are chewing forget all other things just be present with your meal, try to understand that what I want to inform you 

what are some sources of Awaking

Example – If I say your that chant the holy name of god at the time of taking your meal you could do only one thing at one time either chanting or taking your meal, you can’t do both works at one time.

 Here I want to say you just one thing to do that is very simple do just one thing and what you are doing make it your work and work with your full awareness I am not telling you to go somewhere else and this will help you to become aware of your job and it will help you to be awake with you. How much you are an expert in your job is dependent on your awareness as much you would be awake in your deeds as much as your work would be pure.

self awarnenss If you work with your mind (awake) it will release your energy and you never be tired, do you know why we became tired because of our mind, when you do something and our mind does something different work then they collide and it creates tiredness of your mind and we feel stress so please what you do
stay there with your mind otherwise, you lose your hope, and your mind is filled with negative energy.

Other Ways of Awaking your Mind

 Example- have you remember when you come back from playground you find yourself refresh but when you returned from your office you feel tired isn’t it. Remember there is only one difference between playing a game and doing your job and that is when you play you play with your total awakens and when you do your job you lost your awake, this is the reason we feel tired after job work and on the other side after playing the game we feel fresh. If you really want to learn the art of waking then you must convert your job into playing a game because the game means totally absorbing yourself inside your work. 
autism awareness


Remember if want to learn the art of waking you must at first start and calm down with your work and be continued with your job, the problem is just to start the course after began what you do care about your all action and believe that you are right and you must get result on the day, learning and be living in this situation is a very vast and you will get after a few practices so please do it continued and one day you will get your desired result to continue

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