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Caste, dharma and marriage in Indian caste system.

Caste is a demarcation for the people who believe in Indian caste or who belong to the Hindu religion.
The caste system has created with a sharp knowledge to ruled over other caste or lower caste in the Indian sub-continent.

caste system in india

This caste system is running long before with Indian culture to maintain work or activities which were performed by people. but the important thing is that when the caste system got in power as long as my knowledge I don't know that when this caste system got started

But the caste system has played a vital role in civilization to divided them into different caste according to there birth and according to there duty which was prescribed to perform by someone that is the place where caste system comes in force to force people to perform there duty.

What is a caste system in India?

what are the type of caste in india.

The caste system in India is a very popular and most know identity among all Hindus. in Hindu, there is four Caste and after that, there are many more sub-caste. according to the caste system, the main four castes are :

  • Brahmin - Upper caste who have to right to rule over all the caste.
  • Kshatriya- This is the second upper caste that has to right to ruled over the last two castes.
  • Baishya- this is the third no caste who has the right to do agricultural works and business works.
  • Dalit - this is the last no in the Indian caste system they don't have any right, but they have a duty to perform to fulfill the desire for upper caste people.
VitoLax These all above mention information are examples of caste in India. and all our activities are work according to this caste system which has created many conflicts in India between these castes.

What was the need of caste?

 there was a great conspiracy behind caste in India this caste system has created with a conspiracy to get full possession over all the resources in a particular region or country.

Let's understand how the caste system was created- this system was created long before you can see some examples in Ramcharitmanas or Mahabharata the great religious scripture of the Indian culture.  

Indian brahmin has created a great conspiracy to control over all the social facility just for himself and for there kith and kin, they thought if we divided all the people in caste and prescribed them that this is your duty and you and all your belonging will have to do this work forever, and this conspiracy has removed them from Indian administrative service. 

because when they have prescribed a people that you are a sudra and you cant read a book, you cant ruled like a Kshatriya or you can't do business like a Baisya. 
This job has bind sudra that your duty is just to sacrifice your life for the upper caste and this activity has removed more than 50% competition to them to getting a job or getting a better life. 

Next, they have divided all of them to rule over them this is the real cause of caste in India and to prove this that it is God's decision they have to show Manusmriti a Hindu rituals scripture.

What is said Manusmriti about Caste in India?

According to the Manusmriti Caste system has created to perform everyone's duty to maintain humanity and help everyone to achieve their goal in life and this caste system was not based on birth as the present time we are watching all the caste system is recognized by their birth. 
Manusmriti caste system was created by someone's knowledge, knowledge can decide that a particular person would belong to that caste. not their birth will decide their caste.

Casted and Dharma (Religion)

Indian priests have a great ability of conspiracy and they have used this just for their benefit and finally, they have created a line that caste is a part of someone's religion (Dharm) to destroy all the conflict and people believed that because of my previous birth's bed work I got birth in a lower caste which is imperishable till this life and moreover to overcome this lower caste life in next birth you must have to offer money, ornaments, lands and many more thing like this to the Brahmin. 

this was the point that compels people to think about caste and dharma  (religion) and finally, many Hindus have changed their dharma. this is a very small example of the caste system and dharma.

Remember a brahmin never accept that anyone who belongs to lowers caste ruled over them. 

we have an example of (Eklabya) when he learned the art of archery which was unacceptable by Dronacharya and he asked him to offer his thumb to demoralized Eklabya, we all know if you think a little bit you will get it is true.

Caste and Marriage (shadi)

According to this rule, no one can marry in outcaste except Brahmin, they have a special power to do what they want to do, but other castes don't have this power. 

but in the present time, people are getting enlightened with the help of real knowledge and reality of society they decided to do as they want so they will do. 

but many places in India it is prohibited to intercaste marriage (shadi) they like to kill the bride and groom on the name of dharma (religion). marriage (shadi) in their own caste is legal for the last three caste followers. they cant do marriage in same gotra( a part of someone's caste identity) 

according to caste and its rule life became very critical to living it binds a people from many ways we should allow everyone to chose their life partner for shadi, to develop happiness in society we must free caste with shadi.

as we all know we all are free from birth god have given all the power equally to everyone but in our society, this power takes a political position which driven by some religious type person and they rule over us according to their will. they don't care about dharma they just do as he wants.

I have a reason behind it as our Bhagwatgeeta says all are my incarnation and everything would merge in me there is nothing out of me everything is I they're where is a place of caste, this caste system has found out after a conspiracy to rule over the entire subject.

Caste and all the above reactions are just was built to run our society properly not to cruse society rudely. in present time Caste has got its final position where upper caste against Caste reservation on the other hand Lower caste still want to be with Caste reservation, now the total outcome meet the place of job and lifestyle caste system must move out and everyone gets right to live there live according to there will we should try to get it 

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