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Diwali has came, do these simple step to avoid poverty.

It has come that Diwali did not become a fool, just do this for wealth prosperity.
 India has been called the master of the entire world since ancient times and we all know this well. But we are only happy to think that our country is the master of the whole world. Never know how we became a world master. And what are we gurus? Think of the whole world. On this topic and tab, you will know how we are master.
how to celebrate diwali

Today, this post means to tell you that Deepawali is about to come and all of us adopt ways and means to please goddess Lakshmi Ji, that the Goddess of wealth and prosperity can be found in our home By doing any ritual, the Goddess will be pleased with us, if we think so, it is only foolishness of your mind. So how to worship the path so that prosperity happiness remains in our courtyard.

If you want to solve any problem related to money, you should set up the Shri Yantra in your house only then you can get rid of the clutches of poverty.

An example which will prove that there is no broom or donation for wealth or prosperity, but the most important mercury shrine is seen.
*  Have You went to any temple and saw how its shape is, or go to the mosque and see how its shape is or go to the church or go to the religious place of worship of any sect. If you see the shape of the temple, mosque, gurudwara, church, etc, you will find that their shape meets the Shree Yantra.

However, the upper part of everyone who is a part of the above is just as sharp as it is of Shri Yantra. And we know that wealth is generated in these places, and no other place is available. Pooja of eight Shri Yantra and its establishment should be done in our house. If we want to settle for prosperity in our home,
 if we want to make fun, then many misconceptions will be found easily, which will make the medicine so much that it will remove the sari problem of yours, but in reality, it does not happen. Okay, but the rate of their mind forces them to do that and they just keep on becoming stupid.

So do not become a fool and go right with Diwali and take the right steps so that prosperity cannot be yours, nor of Baba.

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And how India was once called the bird of gold. because Indians of that time worshiped the truth, not blind faith. He is also in love with you, but today Baba is being misled by Digvijay so that you do not always have his cycle, then who will ask him. Meaning you are unhappy and we all happy.
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