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KKR won their first match, thanks to 49 runs from Andrew Russell's brilliant 19 ball.


 The IPL has started in the country and today it is the third day, the first match of the day was played between SRH and KKR in Kolkata yesterday, in which SRH made spectacular batting first, and set a very big score for the kkr to won the match.
 kkr score.
devid warnder.

In this spectacular innings of SRH, David Warner has brilliant 85-runs tremendous innings, in which he has took only 53 balls to his team to score a decent score while playing his brilliant batting and horizontal innings, and the Sunrisers have a  big score.

Krish Leena and Nitish Rana, the Kolkata Knight Riders started off the second innings, and their first wicket fell only on the score of 7 runs as Krish Leena. Then  Robin Uthappa, who gave away 35 runs, and went out with a catch, the match was very far from the hands of KKR, but from the other side, Nitish Rana also played his Horoscopes with a lot of attention. Keep doing.

Dinesh Karthik got out on the pitch when Uthappa was out, but he could not do anything special, and went back to catching two runs, and opener Nitish Rana rescued his wicket. The visiting franchise played a 50-run half-century, including three sixes and five fours.
 pitch hitting inning by andru

Andrew Russell, who played a very aggressive innings, played innings of 49 runs  in an unbeaten 19 balls, thanks to the KKR SRH, the match could be successful in his favor, in the spell of the explosive batting of Andru Russell, All of them and runs of rain, with the help of a total of four sixes and four boundary.
 in the last over, the pitches on the pitch and the winning knock-off, Lead to 0 -2 in the last over Jill in two consecutive success by Kolkata Knight Riders first match.
King Khan and many of the Kolkata Knight Rider seemingly happy looking at the game.
In this magnificent innings, he entertained the audience with a Gagan Chungli sixes on the ball of Bhuneshwar Kumar.
And thus achieving a determined target in their set over, they were able to give their team a glorious win.
andru's fines inning of 49 runs.

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