Male Birth Control Pill: Must Know Before Use This

A new male birth control pill new invention has passed safety tests. and also with tolerability when healthy men used it daily for a month, a new research study has found.

male birrth pill
a scientist has found out a new revolutionary pill for a male.

A full report of male control pill

As we have discussed male birth control pill, just before it was available only for the female but now, a new invention has found a new solution for a male to control unwanted birth. according to these researchers, these pills can also produce hormone responses consistent with effective contraception.

The experimental male oral contraceptive is called 11-beta-methyl-19-nortestosterone dodecylcarbonate, or 11-beta-MNTDC.  In this result, it is suggested that this pill, which is a combination of two hormonal activities in one, which will decrease sperm production while preserving libido, was said Christina Wang, a lead researcher of the study, which was discussed in the ENDO 2019 meeting.

As part of this study, 10 participants randomly received a placebo capsule which is also known as a dummy drug. The other 30 men received this new pill called 11-beta-MNTDC, at one of two doses; 14 men received 200 milligrams or mg, and 16 got the 400 mg dose. Subjects took the drug or placebo once daily with food for the next 28 days.

pill for male
decreased the production of sperm and maintain libido.

What happened  after the research

As we know this test was on more than 30 people, among men who received 11-beta-MNTDC, the average circulating testosterone level dropped as low as in androgen deficiency, but the participants reportedly did not experience any severe side effects.

According to drug researcher “Wang said, the drug has a little bit side effects with a few mild and included fatigue, acne, or headache in four to six men each.  

According to this report. five men reported mildly decreased sex drive, and two men described mild erectile dysfunction, but sexual activity was not decreased,  as they said.

Importance of this men's birth control pill

As we found the researcher said that because too low testosterone was minimal, according to the co-senior investigator, Stephanie Page.

11-beta-MNTDC mimics testosterone through the rest of the body but is not concentrated enough in the testes to support Sperm Production, Stephanie said.

How it helps birth control

According to this research and above we have mentioned this pill works on two hormones which are required for sperm production this pill dropped sperm production greatly, compared to placebo the researchers found this. the drug effects were reversible after stopping treatment, Wang had noted.

Because this drug would take at least three 60 to 90 days to affect sperm production, 28 days of treatment is too short an interval to observe optimal sperm suppression,

how to use pill for birth control
male birth control pill

They plan longer studies, and if the drug became effective, it will move to larger studies and then testing in sexually active couples.

Does this pill is available in the market

According to researchers, this safe, reversible hormonal male contraception should be available in about`10 years, “wang predicted. Wang said most men are open to using dit type of male birth control. 

She cited a multinational survey of 9000 men published in the journal Human Reproduction in February 2005 that found 55 percent of men in stable relationships want to try new, hormonal male contraceptive methods if they are reversible.


According to this report if this product launched in the market then it would be a very big change in humanity and now making a safe relationship would be easier for both. 

The male control pill is also a revolutionary scientific invention, now the time is coming when women would like to say to their partner pls take your daily birth control pill to protect against unwanted pregnancy. After this new invention women will wait heartlessly to overcome taking a daily dose of love.

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