7 makeup trends that will rule 2023

The best thing about women's fashion is started with makeup, makeup is a most essential tool for women's beauty which enhance women's beauty so all women like makeup and this is there right to be beautiful and you are a woman then you should know about these trending makeup tips which are going to trend on the year 2020 take a look which may surprise you.

that makeup trends whenever a new year begins. there are tons and tons and tons of trends that flood social media. The internet is filled with such information but to sort through it and find something concrete is very time-consuming and confusing. Go ahead and work through your make-up and throw anything that may have expired or is of no use anymore. to help you out in looking gorgeous like never before. we will help you out with the list of top make-up trends for 2020.

makeup tips

This year everything will be colorful including the mascara. The colorful make-up trend was huge last year and recently mascaras have also joined the bandwagon. The time has come to ditch the usual black mascara and experiment with different colors. If you are a bit apprehensive about colored mascara then go for some shades which are not too bright like blue or green.

No make-up look:

Currently, everything larger than life is trending and the no make-up look might come as a shock to you. though many Bollywood ladies endorsed the trend, 2020 will see most ladies going for the no make-up on your skin. It makes your face look fresher.

this is the best news of 2020 so far, right ladies? the time of having polished and structured eyebrows is gone, now ladies flaunt their natural eyebrows. the trend of having the perfect shape is replaced by these bushy brows and we fully support that. This requires plucking out the minimal hair from the brows and then you are done. "You don't need to sit through the painful process of getting a particular shape.

dark lip color

colors like red, purple, brown, and many others will be a major hit in 2020. These colors look very modern in the present time and they match every skin tone. if you are new to selecting such shades then opt for a subtle naive tone than going for berry red just at the start.

glittery eyes:

eye gliter

 glitters have been a constant hit regardless of there and 2020 will be no different, Glitter eyeshadows and liners are going to be a big thing and we have accepted that. Applying them is very easy but removing them requires a bit of effort. So, know everything before dipping your fingers into it.

it might sound weird but if you love experimenting then this trend is totally for you. No need to use one color for eyeshadow, you can use two different colors for them. if your dress has pink and yellow. your eyeshadows can reflect the same color scheme.

Subtle lip stain:

 Ladies, you don't always have to go for bold lip colors, in 2020 the subtle lip stain is going to be the major trend. it provides a hazy and dreamy look to the lips and is very low on maintenance as well.

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source: Times of India.
edited by: India online.

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