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 Before this pandemic life was running with their natural swing but soon covid-19 come into light from china’s wohan and soon spread worldwide. Then each and every country found that it is a deadly infections and there are no permanent solutions for this infection that is called coronavirus.

covid-19 vaccine

At the starting period, most of the country who are able to manage all the hurdles of life state forward dined that this infection is unable to harm us or our country, but the reality we all know that, that what this virus can do and now all the leading country wants to solve this life puzzle of the deadly infection. many of us prepare a home remedy for this and others showed ways of prevention.

They want to develop a vaccine so that they can provide life support to their subject.

There are numbers of research is going on to find out accurate vaccine against coronavirus.

Most leading county trying their best but Russia has got success till now to find out any accurate vaccine against coronavirus.

If everything would be as they are looking for then without any dele they would launch this life-saving vaccine soon I nest week.

what is special in this vaccine that is Russia has invented

Amid the soaring number of Coronavirus cases worldwide. Russia is all set to register the world’s first Covid-19 vaccine next week.

The third stage trial of the vaccine jointly developed y the Gamaleya Research institute and Russia Defence Minister is currently Underway and will be registered on August 12.

Russia’s Deputy Health Minister Olga Gridnev on Friday confirmed the news and asserted that” He added that once the vaccine is launched medical professionals and senior citizens will e the first to get vaccinated.

After the registration process, the vaccine will be reportedly tested on about 1600 people to ensure its safety ad effectiveness.

The Russian vaccine

Last week, Russia’s Health Minister Mikhail Murashko informed that the mass vaccination in the country will kick start In October and all the expenses will be covered from the state funds.

The trial of the Russian a vaccine is currently underway at two centres-Burdenko Main Military Clinical Hospital and the Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University.

AS per a report, all the corona positive people who joined the trail for the vaccine developed immunity against the contagious virus.

As per a report, all the corona positive people who joined the trail for the vaccine developed immunity against the contagious virus.

Apart from the vaccine formulated by the gamaleya Research Institute, Russia’s Vektor State Research center of Virology and Biotechnology is also in the race to develop a potential vaccine for coronavirus.

The WHO statement on Russia Vaccine

Pointing at  the severity of the current situation, the World Health Organization (WHO) has stressed that all vaccine candidates must go through the full stages of testing before rolling out any COVID-19 vaccine.

Any vaccine for this purpose should be, of course, going through all the various trials and tests before being licensed for roll-out, said WHO spokesman Christian Lindmeier.

Status of other vaccines

A total of three potential coronavirus vaccine candidates has proceeded to the critical Phase III trials. They are expected to launch a prototype before 2020.

Pfizer-Biotech’s formulated mRNA vaccine has now entered the crucial phase testing of its vaccine. The result of the vaccine was quite impressive in the early pre-clinical trials

The UK based Oxford University is also in the race to give the world an effective ad safe COVID vaccine. As per the report, the trial of the vaccine developed by Oxford University in partnership with pharma maker, AstraZeneca is going on well and researchers are seeing results as they had expected.

The third candidate to recently enter the late-stage trials is ova ax Inc.


as per who guidelines any vaccine take years of research before getting ready to injector inter any human body as a vaccine.

In this case, there is no too much time to spend years now scientist have limited time and they have to fulfill  all the need of any life and in these conditions, they have to prepare an accurate vaccine that can help humanity to overcome this deadly virus covid-19.

Covid-19 is the virus that attaches on our respiratory system and weaken then when it attack any people they feel headache, lost of taste, loss of smell, the problem in breathing and finally high the temperature of your body means fever there are some common symptoms of this the deadly virus most of the country became there  victim because of not caring properly at the early stage of infection and now they are trying to blame china and doing different activates to release there mental stress.

I am not supporting china any how but think that it is the duty of every country’s leader to take necessary steps toward safe there subject but most of the country had denied at the early stage and when this infection show their severe stage they want to just blame to others to show that I am innocents.

Well do you know how our immunity system works when coronavirus attack on our body there are several parts of our immunity system who works to defend any outsider attack if you wants to know in brief then click here to read the full story.

source; times of India.

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