Hepatitis B vaccine during pregnancy side effects



Hepatitis B and Pregnancy what you should know about its uses and side effects

Pregnancy is the most complicated situation for any woman and getting infected with hepatitis b is worsening during pregnancy. But you can do these if you have had Hepatitis b during pregnancy then it may hurt both of you so to keep your fetus safe and overcome these infectious diseases you should do these steps.

hepatitis B side effects during pregnancy


Hepatitis B infections are liver diseases that spread all over your liver. The infection spreads by connection with an infected person it travels from one to another body. to transmit to another body the virus of hepatitis B needs most of the time sexual intercourse or other media which allows infected fluids to be connected with a no infected person. 


Some common causes


Sexual intercourse

Infected needles

Injection types of equipment that is already infected with hepatitis B

And sometimes an infected woman can pass it to their baby in the womb. 


Sometimes it is seen that hepatitis b appears and after some time it auto disappears in medical terms it is called a short-term illness. If you are suffering from this infection you may see some symptoms such as; illness, fatigue, loss of appetite, jaundice, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and urine a dark color.


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the abnormal color of poop, joint pain, you may see yellow eyes or skin are some common signs and symptoms of Hepatitis B infections. this infection sometimes in short term and sometimes in the long term depends on someone’s ability of immunity a person with strong immunity can defeat this shortly while others need special care to overcome this. 

According to a medical journal at least 90% of infection causes infants to be chronically infected and they need special care only 3 to 8 percent of adults are getting infected with chronic hepatitis Be infection compared with infants so taking care of your pregnancy is important to create safeguards against hepatitis B during pregnancy.

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What are the safeties against hepatitis B infections?


As we know that hepatitis B is a deadly infection and it can kill if you didn’t contact your health provider at the right time. Here are some other vaccines that are used for hepatitis B to protect you against the deadly virus Hepatitis B.


Available vaccines:


In the market, at present time there are only 5 vaccines available to treat hepatitis B in the US if you are out of us then check for other options.


 3 single antigen vaccines and 

2 combination vaccines


Who should get the Hepatitis B vaccine?


The Hepatitis vaccine is used to cure liver infections and there are multiple shots available in a series such as 2, 3, or 4 shots. CDC recommends the hepatitis B vaccine for:


·         All infants within 24 hours of birth (usually 3 doses completed over 6 months) 


·          Children and adolescents younger than 19 years of age who have not yet gotten the vaccine


·         People who are at increased risk of hepatitis B due to travel to certain countries, work


·         Exposure to blood, high-risk sexual behavior, injectable drug use, living situations, and certain medical conditions.


·         Anyone who wants protection against hepatitis B 


Common side Effects


While suffering from hepatitis B you need its vaccine for hepatitis B infections. It is seen that after the vaccination you may experience some side effects with or without pregnancy the short-term side effects lasts up to 6 months and can auto disappears but severe side effects may last up to 1 year or more. Few cases suffer from severe reactions to the vaccine but it is rare.

What are severe reactions?

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After the hepatitis B infection vaccine during pregnancy, you may experience hives, breathing problems, increased rate of heartbeat, weakness, fatigue, and wounds at the place of injection. But they will disappear within a few days. You should consult with your doctors if you experience any severe reactions.


Hepatitis B vaccine

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Common side effects





Redness on spot




Who should not get the hepatitis B vaccine?


A person or woman who had an allergic reaction should not take a vaccine for hepatitis until consulting with their doctors it may convert into a yeast infection that causes vaginal itching that can harm a pregnant woman.

Women who are suffering from neomycin should not take the vaccine.

Pregnant women don’t take the hepatitis vaccine until they checked all the safety data analyses and ask their doctors about all the side effects of taking the vaccine of hepatitis B with helical-B.

 A woman needs to sign the registry if she is going to receive the hepatitis b vaccine during their pregnancy it will help them to control the side effects and save her pregnancy after the vaccination of hepatitis b.

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A pregnant woman or any other person who has a mild fever such as a cold can take the hepatitis vaccine but if you are severely ill then you must wait until you recover from the illness.

During pregnancy consult with your doctor while choosing a hepatitis vaccine mostly if you are choosing a combination shot.



A Closer Look at the Safety Data


Hepatitis B vaccine safety data management helps us to determine to understand and study how many newborns are dying due to hepatitis B during their fetal life. Several studies had been conducted to understand the similarity and dissimilarity of death with and without hepatitis B vaccination during pregnancy and with newborn babies.


As I have already informed you about the side effects of the hepatitis B vaccine but here I am going to produce a report from the CDC that will help you to understand the severity of the vaccine during pregnancy and its effects on mother to baby.


hepatitis b infections in pregnancy

This data is known as Vaccine adverse Events reporting systems (VAERS) in this report all the adverse results available that follow hepatitis B Vaccination are based on 2005s to 2015s periods records. According to this report, more than 20K reports are submitted that belong to hepatitis B or hepatitis B-containing vaccines.

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In this report more the 50% of people were only 2 years or less than that, and among them, 77% got their hepatitis b vaccine to control this virus they took both the vaccine. According to those reports most people were suffering from fever after the vaccine. They also experienced redness on the spot of the shot, and some of them had vomiting. All the experiments done in this report are under the registered clinic.

It is seen in research that many medications, industrial toxins, and herbal and dietary supplements, can cause hepatitis. This can be a form of acute to chronic hepatitis or sometimes liver failure. If you are infected with toxins and medications can cause liver injury through a variety of mechanisms, including direct cell damage, disruption of cell metabolism, and causing structural changes

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It is seen that using paracetamol during pregnancy can cause liver damage and using ionized can cause idiosyncratic and unpredictable reactions.


Hepatitis B


The CDC, WHO, USPSTF, and ACOG recommend routine hepatitis B screening for certain high-risk populations


They include 


If a baby is born in countries where the prevalence of hepatitis B is high, whether or not they have been vaccinated.

Hiv positive

Intravenous drug users

Men who have sex with men

In close contact with people who have hepatitis B


Beginning immunosuppressive or cytotoxic therapy

Found to have elevated liver enzymes without a known cause

Blood, organ, or tissue donors


On hem dialysis


Hepatitis- C


Hiv positive

Men who have sex with men

On long-term hemodialysis,

Recipients of blood products or organ

Adults in the united states born between 1945 to 1965

Borb ti HCV-positve mothers

Sex workers

Pregnant, and engaging in high-risk behaviors


Final words…


While suffering from hepatitis b during pregnancy or you are pregnant and you are suffering from hepatitis b then it may pass to your baby and it can be at pregnancy time or maybe at the time of childbirth because of infected blood.

For the safety against hepatitis B, it is would be best to take all the necessary steps before conceiving and consult with your health provider if you are already pregnant and have Hepatitis B.


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