side effects of progesterone in early pregnancy

Progesterone is a clinically proven medicine that naturally occurs in steroid hormones. Progesterone is used with estrogens it is mostly used in hormone therapy for menopausal symptoms and for maintaining low sex hormones in women. progesterone is also used to support pregnancy and treat infertility in women.

side effects of progesterone in early pregnancy

 and this is can be taken by mouth or inserted inside the vagina or by injections, there are multiple varieties of progesterone hormones are available such as progesterone vaginal ring, and progesterone intrauterine device which are used for birth control.

Progesterone is well-tolerated and it has minor or no side effects but sometimes, several side effects are possible if you are applying it. 

If you are taking progesterone by mouth or taking its high doses certain side effects may appear in your body such as sedation, sleepiness, and cognitive impairment.


It can affect the various parts of your body like the uterus and also block the effects of the hormone aldosterone it has neurosteroid effects in the brain.

While using progesterone hormone during the early stage of pregnancy you may experience some side effects and they are mentioned below so read carefully and contact your health provider if necessary.


Side effects of progesterone in early pregnancy


While taking progesterone in early pregnancy you may experience deferent in your sexual life and it may appear differently. Progesterone also has a big role in maintaining skin elasticity and bone density.

it also works with female sexuality, and the presence of progesterone receptors in certain muscle and fat tissue may hint at a role in sexually dimorphic proportions of those.

Taking progesterone during pregnancy May decreases uterine irritability


breast shield

During pregnancy, progesterone suppresses the immune responses of the mother to fetal antigens

Using progesterone in early pregnancy can raise epidermal growth factors.


Progesterone can increases core temperature during pregnancy


Using progesterone during early pregnancy can reduce spasm and relaxes smooth muscle.

Progesterone used during early pregnancy can reduce gall bladder activity.


Progesterone use during early pregnancy can increase the risk of gingivitis (gum inflammation)

Adverse Side effects of progesterone hormone

Progesterone hormones are known as sex hormones and many clinical studies have reported no side effects. But it has some side effects progesterone and it may include


Abdominal cramps

Back pain

Breast tenderness





Vaginal bleeding






Central nervous system depression

If you are taking 


vaginal progesterone may be associated with vaginal irritation, itchiness, and discharge it can also decrease libido and increases pain while having intercourse with heavy vaginal bleeding or spotting these all symptoms are associated with cramps and local warmth or feeling of coolness without any discharge.


pregnancy and progesterone effects

While taking intramuscular injections may cause mild-to-moderate pain at the site of injection.

While using progesterone hormone in early pregnancy can produce side effects to its anti mineralocorticoid and neurosteroids activity in your body


Few reports show breast tenderness


Progesterone can produce central nervous system depression and adverse effects, with a high dose of progesterone. These side effects may be associated with drowsiness, sedation, sleepiness, fatigue, sluggishness, reduced vigor, dizziness, lightheadedness, confusion, and cognitive, memory and motor impairment.


Different forms of progesterone


Vaginal suppositories:


Widely used, but are not FDA-approved


Compounded by specialty pharmacists

Used up to 2-3 times a day

Leakage can be messy


Vaginal gel:


According to FDA guidelines you can use progesterone-only once per day up t 12 weeks of pregnancy for supporting your healthy pregnancy with progesterone.

During pregnancy, estrogen hormones are used with the permission of your health provider according to FDA suggestions progesterone for a replacement for donor egg recipients donor egg transfer is used.


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Progesterone hormones are used once a day as supplementation during pregnancy which is safe for pregnant ladies and for their fetus development you can also read the amazing article what is the side effect so steroids injections during pregnancy for moms.

Some discharges are reported during the use of progesterone hormones while you are pregnant.


Vaginal inserts:


According to FDA recommendation, progesterone supplements are allowed to use during pregnancy but not for replacing it with other hormones. So be careful while using this during your pregnancy.

Effective in women under 35 years

Used 2 to 3 times a day


Widely sues; the oldest, most established method for progesterone delivery

Injected into the buttocks once a day

Requires a long, thick needle to penetrate layers of fat and skin

Injections may be painful

Difficult to administer by yourself


Progesterone side effects during pregnancy


American Food and Drugs Department (FDA) did lots of work and then they have allowed these hormones to use in the pregnant lady. In 1999, FDA conducted a survey and they find that using synthetic progesterone hormone during an early stage of pregnancy is associated with multiple birth defects. 

In most cases, these types of progesterone are derived from male testosterone. So it is advised to all the users to be careful while trying to use any kind or mean you must avoid synthetic hormones. 

It would be a great idea if you consult with your doctor before using it during an early stage of pregnancy. You also can read and understand the causes of vaginal discharge during pregnancy.


Common side effects when using progesterone at an early stage of pregnancy:


Fluid retention or bloating

Hot flashes


Vaginal discharge

Urinary problems


Abdominal pain or cramping


Breast tenderness

Joint pain


Taking with your health care provider is important when deciding what supplementation is best for you.


If you are using progesterone hormones in early pregnancy it may be helpful to support implantation and also helpful for treating infertility in women it is also helpful during pregnancy.

but always take permission from your health provider while trying to use these hormone supplements for your health or other uses.


Few more side effects of progesterone at an early stage of pregnancy


progesterone pills

When taken by mouth:


While using progesterone hormones by mouth during early pregnancy is almost safe for most couples but you must have to consult with your health provider while thinking to use these types of sex hormones during the early stage of your pregnancy.


When applied to the skin:


To avoid any type’s side effects while using progesterone it requires consulting with your health provider as FDA has approved progesterone uses during pregnancy. So think about it and do as your doctor advises you. Using this under medical care will help you to avoid any types of side effects in the early stage of pregnancy.


When given a shot:


As you know progesterone hormones are used as you wish I mean you can use them as shot by injections and it can help you for many activities. It is safe but you must consult with your health care to avoid any types of side effects if you are taking it during the early stages of pregnancy.


When applied to the Vagina:


You can use progesterone hormones directly inside your vagina and according to FDA, it is a safe time it may release some side effects which may irritate you but taking proper care will help you to recover from any side effects.

So what FDA has approved progesterone as a safe drug or hormone during pregnancy but while using it you may experience some side effects. You may experience gaining weight, swelling surrounded area of the vagina or another part of the body, and extreme fatigue also appears in your body.

 Sometimes insomnia can irritate you after taking the progesterone in the early stage of pregnancy red rashes, fever, breast tenderness, or sometimes it will increase your breast it is also seen that using progesterone hormone during the early stage of pregnancy can cause premenstrual syndrome it may cause bleeding irregular spotting, etc.


Final words…


Using progesterone hormone in the early stage of pregnancy can cause bleeding, cramping body aches, or breast tenderness so it is advised to you that contact your health provider before using them.

Most of the time progesterone hormones are safe and don’t have any side effects but for precaution, it would be best that consult with your doctor and they use them.


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