Side Effects of Lovenox for women Health

Side effects of Lovenox during pregnancy it helps to treat blood clots. Women get worried while injecting during pregnancy or to relief form chest pain. They develop a fear of miscarriage or some other fertility-related issues. Lovenox is safe during pregnancy. If it is done with your doctor’s permission, let’s try to understand more about Lovenox's side effects during pregnancy.

side effects of lovenox for women health


 What is Lovenox Shots & its Side Effects 

Before understanding the side effects of Lovenox during pregnancy it would be best to know about what is Lovenox medication and who is eligible for this medicine.


Lovenox is a medicine that is only used with prescriptions and it helps to prevent blood-related issues such as clots etc. Lovenox is used in hospital patients or with patients who are on bed rest patients who go through with surgery they are eligible for this medication Lovenox.


Lovenox is very much effective at home for preventing blood clots from the legs. It is also known as a blood thinner and it belongs to the low molecular heparins family so helps to prevent blood clots.


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While using Lovenox during pregnancy or without pregnancy you may see some of its side effects which are.





Cautionary Labels of Lovenox injections


Before using them keep in mind it is a prescription-based medicine so don’t use it without your doctor’s permission otherwise you may have to face its side effects.


It is used for hospital patients who are on bed rest to prevent blood clots and avoid any types of side effects.


Lovenox is used for patients who go through kidney surgery or knee surgery. At the hospital, Lovenox uses aspirin to prevent chest pain and heart attack.


Lovenox is used with multiple other medicines in the hospital for multiple health-related issues under medical supervision.


Lovenox is used with warfarin to prevent blood clots in the legs it main uses are to prevent blood clots.


For other uses of Lovenox you can ask your doctor they will help you


Side Effects of Lovenox shots after Conceive


Serious side effects have been reported with Lovenox. See the drug precautions section and read carefully.


Common side effects of Lovenox include:





Upset stomach

Irritation or burning at the injection site

Low red blood cell count (anemia)




Call your doctor for medical advice about the side effects of Lovenox medication

Lovenox interactions


You should inform all your medical history including your prescription and non-prescription drugs which you took or continue and supplements for better health condition with Lovenox.

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Talk with your doctor if you have


Anticoagulants, or blood thinners, such as heparin

Platelet inhibitors, such as Clopidogrel (plavix)

Acetylsalicylic acids, such as aspirin (Ecotrin)

Salicylates, such as Pepto-bismol

Ketorolac tromethamine (Toradol)

Dipyridamole (Persantine)

Sulfinpyrazone (anturane)


For more information about the Lovenox uses and side effects consult with your health care provider.



Lovenox Precautions….if you use it at home



The serious side effects of Lovenox medication that need immediate medical supports are…

Increased risk of bleeding


Lovenox will increase your bleeding and also causes brain bleeding or paralysis or death these are some major side effects of using Lovenox. You should consult with your health provider if any symptoms appear in you.


Easy bruising


Black or bloody stools


Blood in the urine


Bloody vomit



Decrease in blood pressure (hypotension)


Lovenox must be used with caution if you have a history of

Bleeding ulcers


Hypertension (high blood pressure)

Kidney disease


Damage to the retina (retinopathy) from diabetes

Low platelet counts caused by heparin


Side effects of Lovenox blood thinner

It is seen that Lovenox may decrease the platelets in your blood which is known as thrombocytopenia. To find out the possible side effects of Lovenox your doctor will collect the sample of blood.


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While pregnancy it must be used under medical supervision otherwise you may have to face multiple issues with your pregnancy.



Clots could develop and possibly cause death to pregnant women and the developing child.

Lovenox can change the results of liver tests it would be best to consult with your health provider.


 if they have any history of liver diseases such as;


Do not take Lovenox if you


Are actively bleeding

Decreased platelets in blood cells


When exposed to Lovenox


Are allergic to Lovenox, heparin, or pork products


Lovenox Food interactions


Medicines can interact with certain foods


If you are experiencing any side effects your doctor may advise you to stop consuming some food items.


In the case of Lovenox, there are no specific foods that you must exclude from your diet when receiving Lovenox.



Benefits & Side Effects of Lovenox 



It is advised to you ask or discusses with your health provider about your medical history before using Lovenox it will help to prevent any types of side effects while using Lovenox.

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You must discuss with your doctor if you have a history of liver diseases or liver surgery or kidney-related issues or heart disease.


Have a history of bleeding ulcers, or high blood pressure have a history of retina damage (retinopathy) caused by diabetes


Have a history of spine problems


Are allergic to Lovenox, heparin, or port products


It may decrease the amount of thrombolytic in blood if it is exposed to Lovenox.

Are pregnant or breastfeeding


Discuss with your doctor about your medical history and your prescription and non-prescription medicines, and another supplement for a better health condition.





Uses & Side Effects of Lovenox in pregnancy



Consult with your health provider if you are taking this medication during pregnancy.

According to FDA recommendation, it is divided into five parts for safety during pregnancy. These categories are A.B.C.D and X these are classified to show some side effects with the unborn baby when if a woman is infected with Lovenox during pregnancy.


Lovenox medication belongs to the B category. And most of the time it is not safe for pregnant women.


Lovenox and Lactation


If you are a breastfeeding mom or about to be then you must consult with your health care provider about the uses of Lovenox and its effects on breastfeeding mom and baby.

A woman who is breastfeeding must consult before using Lovenox. It is not known if Lovenox is excreted in human breast milk or it will harm your nursing baby


Lovenox Usage


Well, Lovenox injections are prescribed for hospital patients who are on bed rest. These injections will be given by your hospital doctor in the hospital. In some cases you will receive injections directly into a vein (IN) before you leave the hospital, your healthcare provider will teach you to give yourself the injections. While taking Lovenox at home is sure it will be used under the skin you should not infect it on muscles.


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To inject Lovenox, follow these instructions.


Wash your hands after the shot given.

Clean the spot of skin where you have to shove infection.

Check your drugs before using its color and syringe

Take the cap off the needle.

Don’t push or pull the air from the syringe without your doctor's permission it will help you to avoid side effects after the shots.


Be cautious while injecting Lovenox at first select the skin where you have to take a shot and then pinch your skin with the help of finger and thumb and then inject the medication and then see if your needle is properly inserted inside the skin then push the plunger. 

Now you have taken the Lovenox this is the way to take Lovenox infection.

 Release the skin after Lovenox is infected.


Don’t rub the injected area of your skin.


Lovenox is usually injected once or twice daily for up to 1 day.


Don’t use double do if you forget to take your single dose on the time.


Lovenox Dosage


Lovenox shot doses are recommended according to your health and age condition to avoid any types of side effects so ask your doctor they will help you to manage the right amount of doses of Lovenox.

It depends on

Your weight

How well your kidneys function

The medical condition being treated

If you are already treating blood clots

Other medical conditions you have

Take Lovenox exactly as prescribed by your doctor. Follow the directions o your prescription label carefully


Side effects Lovenox overdose 


Lovenox injections are used for preventing blood clots, sometime you may take its overdose if it happens it is advised to quickly consult with your healthcare provider.

lovenox shots

Always ready for medical emergency

Other requirements

Store Lovenox at room temperature

Keep out the reach of children


Lovenox FDA Warning


Lovenox medication has multiple uses but it also has some warning signs and they are

Warning: spinal/ epidural hematomas


According to FDA while using Lovenox you may experience spinal hematomas or epidural if you are ant coagulated with low molecular weight heparins.


These appear due to long-time parental paralysis.


Try to understand the factor which increased the risk of developing health issues.

Use of indwelling epidural catheters

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You should consult with your doctor and discuss all your medical history before using Lovenox and avoid any types of side effects


Final words…

Lovenox side effects during pregnancy depend on your health conditions you must consult with your health care provider if you are pregnant and about to pregnant.

Lovenox medications are used for preventing blood clots it work as a blood thinner.

If you talk with your health provider before using this shot then you would be free from any type of side effects during pregnancy.

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While using Lovenox you may experience vaginal bleeding, fiver or nausea these are the common side effects of Lovenox.

I hope you got almost the most common things with Lovenox shots and their side effects during pregnancy. If you live this post then share it with your loved ones to make them happy with the right information.


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