US Facing 33 Years old Inflation Record

In the U.S inflation is at a record 4 decades high, that is enough to change million's life. At present Americans are facing 4 decades' highest inflation rate due to the recent Ukraine- Russia war and due to COVID’S lockdown. 

US inflation data today
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These human-made activities are the main cause of worldwide inflation. In a nutshell, common people indeed have to pay their price to the national representative.


In the USA it is seen that Consumer useable articles prices have jumped more than 8.3% in last three months and it is counting from the beginning of this year. It was announced on Wednesday by U.S Government.  


What is the present situation of inflation in the USA?


As pre nations report it was calculated below rates than the compare of last year’s records, in another report, it is said that it was the highest inflations since 1981. 

These demographic records were calculated on a monthly basis. In this report, it is seen, however, price rise 0.3 percents in March to April and it was the smallest price rice in last eight months.


According to a government announcement on Wednesday, there are maximum chances that the food and energy category will increase. And for that govt. has decided to take some preventive steps to stabilize the situation. 

From March to April prices increased more than in previous months. These hick prices have increased the prices of airfares, booking hotels became more costly and also buying new vehicles. Apartment rental costs also kept rising.


Further, the new reports cleared up price jumps and it was also clear that it will be longer as was said by Eric Winograd, the U.S economist.


Even if it moderates, inflation will likely y remains high well into 2023, economists say, leaving many Americans burdened by price increases that have outpaced pay raises.

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Wednesday’s reports have cleared the new challenge for Federal Reserve and for the white House for struggling against price rise situations.


However, Gas price is changing the thinking of Americans


It is seen that in April Gas prices dropped and it slowed the inflation. At that time the average price of one-gallon gas was low as 4.10 dollars. and then again its price rises and then the new price of gas became $4.32 in March, and then the gas price surged to a record $4.40 per gallon.

One another report shows how grocery prices have increased high, and it was calculated due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and common people are bound to pay for it. Now people have to pay more for wheat and other food grains due to war.


. Food prices rose 1% from March to April and nearly 11 percent from a year ago. It was the biggest inflation since 1980 in U.S history.

Us inflation data chart today
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This rapid inflation has changed millions of American life now they are thinking about how to minimize their spending. 

According to Patty Blackmon, who said that now she driving less since the gas price has increased to $5.89 in Las Vegas? She lives there further she told she cut back on meat.


Holy cow!” she thought. “How do parents give their kids milk?

. Now she prefers eating more vegetables and soups.


Effects of  War & covid on Inflation


As per the present situation and Turmoil overseas there is a big potential for inflation in the upcoming months. It depends on many things such as if the European Union, imports Russian oil, and then it is sure that the price will rise and we all know how U.S gas prices and China’s COVID lockdown affected the supply chain.


Price rise is also seen in airfares it became more than 18 percent costly in April. This was a record increase since 1963. Likewise, hotel prices also increased by almost 2 percent


Wednesday’s report showed the prices for appliances and clothing both fell 0.8 percent, while the cost of the used car dropped 0.4%, the third straight decline. Due to inflammation second-hand cars and other goods may drove much of the initial inflation spike last year.


Roles of Politicians for Inflations


Inflation is also posing a serious political problem for President Joe Biden and congressional Democrats in the midterm election season, with Republicans arguing that Biden’s $1.9 trillion financial support package previous March.


On Tuesday, Biden was excited to take the initial action and declared inflation “the No. 1 problem facing families today. And “my top domestic priority


According to Wednesday’s records, it is seen that it become the fastest series of interest rate increases in 33 years. Economists said. 

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Last week, the central bank raised its benchmark short-term rate by a half-point, its steepest increase in two decades. And Powell shows indication that there is still the possibility that interest rates will hike.


According to the record, it is measured that long-term inflation may stay even as prices have soared... Prices have soared





Price hick is a big issue for all families worldwide price hick disturb you like and you have to rethink about your home economy how to manage. The price hike has broken 33 years of record, really it is a hard time.

Prices hick and increasing interests rate are the result of war, covid, and some other bad management which are done by our so-called top leaders, they don’t even think of the poor or average people and take the decision just due to their evil mind and common people has to wear all the problems.

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