Why Thyroid Medication Doesn't Work


Over twenty million individuals suffer from hypo-thyroid symptoms despite taking thyroid replacement hormones. The question is WHY?


Why Thyroid Medication Doesn't Work


Difficulty Losing Weight

Hair Loss

Brain Fog

Lack of Motivation

Dry/Itch Skin

Morning Headaches


The answer is straightforward... thyroid replacement hormones (Synthroid, Armour, Levothyroxine) solve a production downside - your thyroid gland's inability to supply enough to satisfy your body's desires. however what if your downside isn't with the production? What if your downside is with a sign, conversion, or delivery of thyroid hormone?


The ductless gland - a producing plant


Your thyroid glands' main purpose is to supply enough endocrine. If it's incapable of manufacturing enough then your doctor can dictate thyroid replacement hormones in pill kind. this can be all that's required for someone World Health Organization has the primary glandular disease (not being caused by AN response dysfunction). Thus, if your sole downside was a 'bad' ductless gland the thyroid replacement hormones (Synthroid, Armour, Levothyroxine) would free you of your hypothyroid symptoms.


How Thyroid (T3) Gets Into Your Cells


As I've declared production is merely one part of the method. So, if you're still having symptoms despite taking endocrine it's pretty safe to mention you have got over simply a production issue. Therefore what else might be happening?


The stepwise method


The Order


Your ductless gland has got to be told what to try and do. Otherwise, it will nothing. Therefore, if there's a retardant with the ordering method (hypothalamus and pituitary gland) a wonderfully capable ductless gland could seem to be 'bad' and you may have hypothyroid symptoms. One clue that this could be your downside is that if you have got a thyrotrophic hormone level of one.0 - 1.7. this might indicate a washed-out pituitary. Thyroid hormones won't correct this downside.


The Production - caused by AN response downside


If the ductless gland is unable to supply enough TH as a result of your system destroying thyroid tissue (the #1 reason for glandular disease within the United States) you may want thyroid replacement hormones (Synthroid, Armour, Levothyroxine) however you may still expertise hypothyroid symptoms as a result of your real downside could be a pathology system and, till you address the immune pathology, you may still expertise hypothyroid symptoms.


The Transportation


Once you have got endocrine obtainable, either from your ductless gland or in pill kind, it's to be transported - it desires a ride. The (TH) catches a ride on proteins (TBG). If you have got too several of those proteins the (TH) are going to be controlled captive. Imagine getting in a taxi cab wherever the motive force won't permit you to exit the taxi till he picks up another fare. Having too few of those proteins additionally|is additionally} a retardant as a result of the issue that causes too few binding proteins also causes AN over-conversion of T4 into three. With too few proteins and an excessive amount of T3, the cells that do receive endocrine|hormone|endocrine|internal secretion}s square measure overpowered and reject the thyroid hormone.


The Conversion


Thyroid hormone must be born again from T4 into T3 to urge the result you are looking for - no symptoms. The thyroid hormones created by your ductless gland are usually T4 (over 90%). Synthroid is 100 percent T4. Armour could be a mixture of T3 and T4. Cytomel is essentially all T3, however, comes with a recorder warning. So, in most instances T4 should be born again into T3 before it will act on the nucleus of the cell to supply the result you are looking for - no symptoms.

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This conversion takes place in many various places however the bulk comes about within the liver and gut (over 60%). Thus, liver pathology, poor gut health, inflammation, and infections will forestall your body from changing T4 into T3. In alternative words, able to} have adequate amounts of endocrine in your body however if you are not able to convert T4 into T3 you may still have hypothyroid symptoms.


What the quality Thyroid Screening Tests Do not Tell Your Doctor


There square measure half dozen major patterns of glandular disease. commonplace thyroid screening check appearance for under one. endocrine replacement addresses just one. In alternative words, commonplace thyroid testing is insufficient. Did you recognize that the #1 reason for glandular disease - AN response thyroid - is being ignored? {that will not|that does not} be however it does make a case for why over twenty million Americans, principally ladies, still suffer from hypothyroid symptoms. 


Final Words


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Dr parliamentarian Gilliland B.S., D.C., D.PSc. practices practical or integrative medication to search out the underlying reason for tough metabolic or response conditions. If you have got symptoms of hypothyroid or a mix of hypo and hyperthyroid symptoms visit our website urban center Thyroid Facilitator [http://www.swfthyroid.com].

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