The 5 Most Common Myths of Menopause

 Myth 1: internal secretion replacement Causes carcinoma


The Women's Health Initiative of 2002 is responsible for this info. It showed the subsequent leads to 3 arms representing ten,000 girls in each:


myths of menopause

• thirty cases of invasive carcinoma within the cluster victimization no therapy

• thirty-eight cases of invasive carcinoma within the Premarin-Provera cluster (unnatural estrogen/progesterone)

• but thirty cases of invasive carcinoma for Premarin alone (unnatural estrogen)

The third arm of this study wasn't reportable within the initial results, however, it indicated the steroid hormone alone cluster had a lower incidence of carcinoma than the opposite 2 teams, together with the ladies on no hormones! This attenuated incidence of carcinoma within the steroid hormone cluster persisted in follow-up studies eight years after.


Conclusion: steroid hormone doesn't "cause" carcinoma, however, might accelerate its growth if cancer contains steroid hormone receptors.


Myth 2: internal secretion replacement medical aid is merely for the aim of stopping hot flashes

Estrogen medical aid will do way more than merely remove a flush. generally, a better dose is also needed to decrease anxiety, facilitate sleep, increase physical attraction, facilitate memory, and defend bones, heart, and blood vessels.

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Myth 3: Hormones ought to tend at rock bottom doses for the shortest amount of your time

Estrogen ought to be taken indefinitely for a few conditions, like bone protection, brain and vessel protection, and vulvovaginal atrophy; a condition of channel status and deterioration of cells, with resultant pain and sexual pathology.


Myth 4: Bioidentical internal secretion area unit solely gift in combined formulas


Not true! Bioidentical means that the molecular structure is the image of that that a personality produces. Bioidentical hormones are also combined, however, they're a gift in an exceedingly kind of prescriptions also. Premarin may be a horse internal secretion altogether totally different in structure than a personality's steroid hormone, and will ne'er be used. it's troublesome for the body to eliminate, and doesn't match vital brain receptors.


Myth 5: The superior delivery of hormones is in combined creams, troches, or pills


Again, an enormous idea. Hormones love fat! If they're placed in an exceedingly cream, they're happy to remain there, rather than sinking within the body to the circulation. Creams with steroid hormone or Lipo-Lutin ought to ne'er be applied to the arms!! The hormones, if they get in, can head on to breast tissue. we would like hormones within the circulation, not breast tissue so that they can attend to the brain, bones, and heart. Lipo-Lutin is simply too massive a molecule to be administered in an exceedingly cream apart from vaginally. Topical Lipo-Lutin cream has been evidenced in continual studies to be lean protection for lady World Health Organization take steroid hormone medical aid for climacteric.

Any internal secretion that's enveloped or left beneath the tongue for any length of your time, is enveloped, let's face it. once an internal secretion, like steroid hormone, is enveloped, it goes to the lymphatics, on to the liver for detoxification and distribution to the remainder of the body. The bolus of hormones delivered to the liver, stimulates the liver's different activities, like creating curdling factors This puts the patient at Associate in Nursing increased

risk of clots and strokes.

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Hormone medical aid will amend lives and keep North American countries healthier for longer! do not fall for the myths, keep privy.

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Laurie Marzell, N.D., N.C.M.P.

Naturopathic professional|medical man} and authorized climacteric practitioner



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