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connection between milk and sex, do you know this?

As we all know about milk, milk is an ultimate food for good health as we have learned according to our book of biology and many dietitians, who says that milk is a complete food for our good health.

 milk has almost all the essential nutrition for making a good health. and we all know about this fact and so we all like to drink milk to manage good health.

one important think about our better knowledge regrade milk, only human being is the only one species who like to drink milk after giving up milk.

 none any other creature likes to drink or eat milk after giving up it.

 we all know about this fact as a truth information. none of us can prove that any animal re-drink milk after giving up but the human being does.
it means we are special because we are human and we have super mental power to make us greater than any other being.

the milk which we produced from cow it is totally fit for calf not for man because it comes from an animal and it contains animal spirits to digest when we eat, it works as a power of sexuality because the milk comes from cows blood as we all know there are many parts of blood and milk is  also a  part of blood and cow milk is a part of animals.

let us know about the formation of milk. 

it made after conceiving of a cow and we all know an ox pregnants a  cow and then cow starts milk just for their calf.

 but we human use it for our benefit and use it in the different way to use it. 

when we drink cow milk or any animals milk, in reality, we drink that's animals blood and when we use someone blood their boon or their spirits come into us and work in our body and make us so aggressive to do any work we feel to much power to perform our duty.
milk generate to much power because it has animal spirits and it just for an animal not for the man or any human, but we all human-like it.

when we use it mixes in our body mind and in our soul and it works us to move towards sexuality and it is real.
 we have seen after marriage females are like to suggest milk to male we all know why because of power to sex and increase spurn count. 

one important thing about milk and human being if you do meditation( exercise) or if you have prepared yourself for meditation like you do it every day and you have to release your consciousness.

you have prepared your mind to move upward on spirituality reality then milk can be super helpful to transcendent you in the divine world otherwise milk just take you to down.

 it will remove in a form of your sperm and result you would be sexy in your life because of milk is full of power and if someone is using it for his good health must he have to meditation otherwise won't be helpful for him to get spirituality reality.

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