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Low of attraction, how to attract universe in our life

whatever is going on in your life, you are just attracting them in your life, do you know about this. 

these are happening because of the rule of attraction, and they all are coming. or running in someone mind as a form of a picture.

 I mean what we think mostly think about, these have come back into our life. this is called the law of attraction.
according to (Prentis Mumford:- your all thought is a real power


Many of greatest teacher of the world has told us that the law of attraction is the world's most powerful rule. derive our thought and get supporting result in our life.

This secret is present in Hindu ritual, Islamism, Buddhist, and much other civilization's cultures are full of this secret.

 This secret was present in Babylon and Mishra's civilization and also in their story and in their writing. 
The rule of attraction was unboxing himself in time to time in different civilization. 

Many of us want to get these tools of attraction and many of them get success and many of them are trying to get it. but the important thing is about that rule is anybody can search and get it, it is so simple. 

the low of attraction has begun with the time and it was present in and would be forever.

The low of attraction control universe your life and part of your all feeling which we feel in our life.

 there is no doubt about it. low of attraction doesn't care that who are you or where are you or your caste or you're religious it work on everyone's mind that is low of attraction.

 this powerful tool gives a shape of your feeling, your full emotion and controls them. This is the most powerful tool of your thought which you attract just thinking about them.

How the low of attraction works:

According to (john assaraph) to apply the low of attraction think yourself about a magnate and think another magnate coming to me.

think you are one of the best magnates in the universe.
you have super magnitude power, which is most powerful than any other tools and this power created by our thinking process. 

The rule of success says that what we think in our mind that attract another thing which just resembles.

 it means when we think about a matter it attracts another matter like this. so my dear friends think big and get big.

 one another thought which says whatever we project in our mind, we can get them in our life really and it is so simple

Most of us don't know that there is a frequency of every thought.
 we can measure our thought, it means if you concentrate continuously for a certain period of time it will be real automatically and it is the truth. 

strong thought or mental projection is a magnitude code which reflects everything that we have created in our mind and we well are able to make them true in our life.


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