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Indians thouth on sperm (sambhog) history of shiv linga

As we all know about sperm (many of us ) know about sperm, it is our divine power which hasn't only power to reproduce new human being.

 it is our seed for next generation and it appears in a human being after a certain years of age.

 we get power to reproduced or can use our sperm for reproduced new human being.

 according to me if anything in the human being has pure, divine that is sperm. it is a part of our blood in a sense it is the white blood or its part which flow in our body to make us fit and healthy but many of us don't know about it. But it works only if we use it. regularly don't store it.

worship of shivlinga
But Indians though they think don't waste or use before marriage, because of manuwadi though.

 I want to inform you about manuwadi thought they say to store your sperm and this thought come from many of years ago. 

these are the main reason behind sperm or close sex, but one thought Indians brahamanawadi had forced them to don't do this otherwise your god will punish or threaten them.

 that they will throw inside the deep hell. but sperm is like our food our need for water or anything which is most important dally life's need which is auto-generated particles

which flow continuously until life but according to their uses if we use it properly then it can be with us till life.

 as we have our many sense organ like, eyes, nose, ear, tongue, skin etc sperm is like this and we must use it continuously. see here we surprise when we see that a western man can marry at age of 90 years old do you know how it is possible it becomes possible because of its use if we use our sense then we can use it for a long time.

lord shiv and parbati
 Indians minds are full of fear about sperm there is some reason, if somebody became afraid, it would be easy to control them.

if you have convinced some one that he is guilty regard sperm ( sex) then you can easily control them because their mind full with guilt grief and it is helpful to the powerful person like politicians etc.

 to ruled over them, Because that person won't be a value or aggressive about their ownership about anything.

he just indulges in his guilt and he just hates himself and he will give his remote of life in somebody else and they will use him just for his benefit to overcome himself from his sin which he have accepted in his mind.

 they said it is celebs but it is not celebs by forced stooping your thought we can't get celebs.

celibacy is a divine process it comes from after knowing all about sex (sperm) and its real use in human life, it means your relation has started with your soul

their is no need of human body it is hard to understand when a tree getting bloomed it is called (sex) science says that if you use our senses then we can take its benefit for a long time. as a rule of (survives of fittest)

divine sambhog image
One important thought about shivlinga what is this, shivlinga is totally linga (penis) in a form it means lord shiv doesn't have eyes, hand, legs or any other organ, only linga.

 they only reproduction organ it mean he is in sambhog with hole humanity but Hindu can't imagine like this it means it is not local sambhog it is divine. 

here it is not the meeting of just sex organ of male and female here meeting of the soul.

 as we have seen the temple of  Khajuraho, Konark etc they saw soul meeting, not for the physical meeting, it shows the divine process of humanity.

shivlingh means the state of mind and body which totally absorbed in divine love your all part of body dive inside of sex.

after then you can overcome the physical relation and can achieve celebs. it means sambhog (reproduction  )

form of shivlinga
bhog means your all body fill sambhog and can be enjoyed with any part of your body then you can overcome from physical sex and can achieve celebs.

 means celebs is not becoming free from sex but it is the taste of parmabhog.but it became so powerful that you can feel it from your every part of the body as you fill with your partner. 

but because of fear we cant get these celebs and it is  who don't believe in god these are symptoms of them, 

but who believe in god they know the reality about them and he never stops himself to do this divine work.  power is running inside you related to reproduction organ merge himself inside it and forget all about It.

it is like to dance and forget dancer, abscond singer song is live made your all body and mind in a form of static then you can get a higher place.

 it will increase everyday but remember in this deed you fell it in your all body as you felt it just in your reproductive organ, made you all body shivlinga and then you feel that your physical body gas became abscond.

 when you full with happiness joeys you feel yourself like shivlinga you became shivlinga then there would be nobody left with you.

 only a spare form would be left that is shivlinga and that will give you a power of shivlinga.it will make you really about yourself. and it is called sambhog.and do it alone. because it is dependent just on you.

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