make your body fit, avoid fat.

These days many of us are busy eating fast food and because of these types of food many of us are becoming fit to fat and then they use too much exercise or pills or join Jim to avoid fat or becoming fat to fit, and this is a reality.

but nowhere I will discuss how to avoid fat from your body, before understanding how to avoid fat we must understand about overweight and what is the main reason for this disease.
overweight is a type of disease, and there are many reasons but there are two major reasons behind the overweight. 

How to convert Fat to Fit body

fat man
  1. heredity, family background, if there is a family where every one is overweight then you also would be overweight.
  2. extra eating, avoiding physical exercise, just sitting after eating, and don't do any physical exercise. if you are eating more than your body needs it will be stored in a form of fat which causes overweight in the future. these all are the reason for being overweight.
  3. the identity of overweight. if your body weight is within a ratio of your height then you are fit otherwise think that you are fat.
at the time of childhood to the teenager, we do a lot of physical work like playing, running, etc. which burn extra calory and we look fit but after the teenager when we enter in life we avoid physical work and like to take rest which stored extra calory in our body and also stored carbohydrate which helps to become us into a fit to fat.

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when our body accumulates extra calories it converted it into fat which is easily seen in our body parts. 
our abdomen, thigh, and back parts of our body became fat, these are some examples of being fit to fat. 

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a fit body can help us to live our lives with joy and happiness, on the other hand, a fat body gives us too many diseases which can kill us or totally depressed our life forever so keep in mind to always stay fit and avoid fat.

  • your blood circulation will slow down, which causes high blood pressure, hearts attack
  • if you are not doing physical exercise you have to face constipation.
  • overweight became change into diabetes 
  • when your blood won't circulate easily in the whole body, your body will slow down to fight against germs attack 
  • so please keep in your mind that stay fit slim, not fit to fat.

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