sick? Know this is the main reason?

Why are we sick? Know this is the main reason?

Generally, they can be divided into four parts for understanding to be sick. And if we try, we can overcome these reasons.

1 - Food - About 25 percent of the diseases are related to poor diet.
Eat more than needed, eat more amount in tasty food, cook fried food, use more quantity of chili spices, treat salads, fruits, vegetables, and vegetables.

Chew-chewing not eating properly, lack of proper information to drink, when water should not be drunk, then we drink. And when you should drink, do not drink then.

2 - Exercise - Similarly, 25 percent of the diseases are not due to regular exercise. It is a good practice to wake up in the morning before going up to the sunrise.

We should regularize some postures of yoga so that we can stay healthy. After exercise and yoga, after a brief respite, many diseases are cured automatically.


 3- Emotions- Direct direct links to the health of emotions and resolutions. Good health depends on peace and beliefs.
If we adopt creative and positive thoughts, anger can be enjoyed in the true meaning of life, by avoiding anger, jealousy, fear, and ego-like negative emotions.
4- Pradhanha - Parmatma of prenatal reality is rooted in the pathogenic sinfulness of birth. The scriptures show that the absence of karmas in the form of non-violence is due to enjoyment.
Natural disasters, inadvertent diseases, hereditary diseases, accidents, and some essential events of life, which we can not stop.

vito pharma  

They have to suffer, they do not have any control over them. They should patiently laugh and accept it.
In this way, if we control food, exercise, and emotion, then we can prevent the spread of most diseases. And doing Ashasha are often completely in our jurisdiction.

So by adopting a regular lifestyle, and enhancing the energy of our body, we can make our life happy by taking positive use.

Then come, take a resolution today that by becoming conscious of health we will bring this healthy process right into our daily life. Our dedication to this concept will be auspicious and we will be able to move forward on the path of progress.
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