what is Brahma and how to recognize

Know what Brahma is, and how to recognize it, your supreme power of perception.
The son of Balaka, born in Garg-Gotra, was a famous Brahmin named Balki. He was reading the entire Vedo. And they were also well aware of Vedo. They were residents of Ushinar province. But because of the constant variance, they used to live in fisheries, then in Kuru-Panchal, and sometimes in Kashi and Mithila-prefecture. In this way, they should go to the famous King Ajatshatru of Kashi (Balaji) one day and say,

the story of a Priest 

Rajan! Today, I will teach you Brahmana. The famous King Ajatshatru said on this - we gave you a Sahasra talk on this matter. Today you made our pride the same as the King Father. So, accepting it, we promptly pray for Brahmatma.

The person said that Rajan! This is the inner man in the Sun Temple, that is why I worship Brahma Buddha. Upon hearing this, the famous King Ajatshatru said:

No-no, you do not communicate on this topic. It is the most famous Shukla Lambari and the head of all in the highest position. I worship this like this. Similarly, another person who is worshiping is also situated in the highest position.

Fem vigor

Then Garjya Balaki spoke again - this is the inner man in the moonlight, I worship it in Brahmarop.

Upon hearing this, Ajatashtru said --- do not you do not communicate in this matter. It is a monking and a soul of food. The person who worshiped this like this is endowed with the same food as mine.

In the same way, Gargya referred to the clouds, sky, air, fire, water, and Brahma respectively, but Ajatashtru proved all these to be part of Brahma.

Finally, defeating Balci took to silence and accepted King Ajatshatru as his master, and taking a position in front of them, he would be present in the disciple.

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On this Ajatashatru said - Let me give you the knowledge of Brahma. By saying this, he took Balaki to a sleeping person and called him 'O Brahmin! O Pandavas! O, King Mon! Etc., but the man quietly slept.

When he woke up with both hands, he woke up. In the meantime, the king asked Balaki - this is a science-oriented man. When was the soy yuba then said and now it came from said? But it can not know anything.
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Ajatshatru said - There are many veins known by the name 'Hita'. It is related to Hirdakkal. And he is left out of the entire body. This man is situated in the same vein while sleeping. Like stabbing in stunting. Similarly, in the body of Hirdikmal, this is the achievement of the supreme God. Speech, eye, particle, etc. the senses follow it like an obedient servant.

final words...

Knowing its sleep, these sadi senses get immersed in prana and prana in this soul.
These are the souls. As long as Indra did not have any knowledge of the Self, he kept losing with Asuro, but when he knew this secret, he defeated Asuro and became superior in all the deities, in the same way, the scholars who know this soul Sin and heat are lost and it is attained by self-rule, dominance, and superiority.

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