Blood | ABC of human blood, its component must you know.

blood is a very interesting topic that teaches us about blood, its function, types, components, its group, and much more information which can lead us to an intelligent guy about the human body and blood.
blood in human body.

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what is blood?

types of blood.

as we have seen blood is a liquid element that flows through the entire body and responsible for all metabolic expression that is necessary to maintain our life, consists of blood is water, blood cells, the oxygen molecules, according to its official definition blood is a tissue because it is consists of many similar specialized cells that serve a particular function. or we can say that blood is fluid it is true blood is fluid because it performed its duty as a form of liquid fluid so it's a fluid.


types of blood.

there are four types of blood according to blood composition which is a definite identity of a particular molecule of blood according to its nature of work and duty which is done by blood cells.

blood group A
blood group B
blood group AB
blood group O

these are the main types of blood that are present in human blood cells. and further, they are divided according to their charge they may present with a positive charge or negative charge. this charge is counted at the time of blood donation doctor takes care of the blood with its electric charge.

Consist of blood?

blood pressure,

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as we have further discussion about blood, blood is a type of fluid and according to its function like a tissue, it is also a tissue. blood has some parts which are the most important parts of the blood and they divided blood into a different category and they are there.

RBC  - Red Blood cells
WBC - White Blood cells.
Platelets and plasma are the fourth parts of blood. 

Works of Blood 

According to its type, they have definite work to contribute their role to maintain life. 


is the red blood which is responsible to carry oxygen from hearts to the entire body to keep them fresh and alive but its duty is not to finish right here, it also carries back carbon dioxide from the body to the lungs to wipe out them from the nostril hole. 

it also carries nutrients to the entire body to keep good health is short RBC is responsible for carrying all the elements like charge to keep continue our health and body. life of RBC id 90 to 120 days. hemoglobin is responsible for its red color it is a component that comes from iron oxide. 

GlucoLo WBC -

 white Blood Cells are known as a bodyguard that protect us from our enemy just like WBC protects our body from outside attacks like infection, and many more like WBC is present in blood and its life is just 4 days to 20 days. it doesn't have iron oxide so its color is which.

Platelets -

 it is a part of the blood That works to clot blood cells if you have to care about it that whenever we find some scratches on our skin and bloodshed start to flow but after some time we find blood shade stops and the area of scratches parts have been covered by blood cells, are called Platelets which help to clot a blood cell and help body to cover its open parts to avoid chances of infection.

 blood in the human body.

 what are blood and what it does in the human body its process, and everything which you have to understand about blood in the human body we have to take an example of electricity and a computer and we can understand what does blood in the human body?


as we have to know that the computer is the everything today's life and to run computer we must want electricity 

without electricity, we can't use or take any benefit of computer as electricity is not just important to run computer but everywhere in computer electric is important to run it to maintain it to make it healthy, to find out any issues, or to send some information to anyone energy where eclectic is important for computer

likewise, blood is so much important to keep your lifelong, healthy, happy, and everything which is important to keep you active blood is responsible for that hope you understand why blood is important and what it does in the human body.

Blood pressure

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Blood pressure is a term that is used to calculate our blood-flowing capacity in our body. it calculates what is the pressure of blood in our body. it is measured by statolith and disistolith sounds which release from our heart to lessen it we have to use a device which is called (all) 
the normal range of blood pressure is 60 to 120 for good health whenever its pressure point increase or decreases from its protocol limitation which is called blood pressure problems which leads to many health issues.

High Blood Pressure-

High Blood Pressure happens when our veins are filled with fat and its tube became narrow to carry upmost blood cells to the entire body then our hearts make more work to flow more blood to the body and our breathing increases called high blood pressure. 

here the range of blood pressure became high then the protocol limitation may cross 200 to 280 or more which is a sign of bad health and can lead to major harm to the body or might leads to death.

Low Blood Pressure -

reignite your passion  Low blood pressure is a situation where our body is unable to fulfill the utmost amount of blood to the entire body and we are unable to perform our daily life duty properly signs of low pressure are giddiness, weakness, etc. 

to overcome these issues we must have to do some exercise on a daily basis and eats lots of fruits and many more natural items to maintain our good health.


blood is the most important part of the human body moreover it is the electricity of all living life. to produce new blood we must donate blood at least one time in a year which helps the body to produce new blood cells, the donation of blood is a very nice job to help others to get benefits in our body. 

always donate blood under doctor surveillance to keep life safe otherwise donation of blood can be a cause of death because blood donation depends on the donor and receptor if a combination of mismatched receptors must die so be careful about the blood donation system.

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