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Stem cells are very powerful cells that have the power to multiply themselves. now stem cell in India, the technique is ready to work in Indian medical institute to give a bright future to the medical science which leads humanity to the next level of the self-cell formation process.

stem cell therapy in india.

stem cell in India:


stem cell in India has come after the meeting of Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narander Modi and Japan Prime Minister. they have signed a pact to develop stem cell in India to find out more & more possibility to improve medical science to develop bone marrow cell which is very powerful to cure many diseases which were unsolved. and doctor Pradeep Mahajan is chairperson in India and he has also a winner of Paris Prasansha Pushkar in the year 2017.

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what is stem cell/ about stem cells

even if you have listened to stems you can guess what stems are the branches of a tree and stem cells have to power to multiply themselves. a stem cell is a cell which is formed with two different words stem- cell which meaning is stem means branches of a tree and cell means to live. so stem cell means a cell that has to power to regenerate new cell auto. in zoology when a cell produced many cells to develop a new organ or to maintain a life those cells are also called stem cells. in the Year 1909 first time, anyone did use the word stem cell.
formation of zygote.

The base of the Stem Cell division.

 There are three main sources of stem cell division according to the availability of stem cells.

totipotent-in the totipotent cell when male sperm and female ovum are met they create a zygote which is further divided into a new cell blastomimum cell, which is called totipotent.

Pluripotent-a pluripotent cell is formed after the zygote build up and further stent time of 9 to 10 days differs the cell mass from the zygote to create and save the new cell.

Multipotent- this cell is present in adult body cells and it is used to create multi new cells, but its power is law than the totipotent cell.

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Research on stem cell- There is three stem cell which is now on the table to study and research to find out much more information about them and they are.

Embryonic Stem 

Cell- is collected from fetus cells. as we have known there are many couples who don't have a baby this is called infertility, to cure infertility doctors like to use a test-tube baby where male sperm and female ovum are stored in a test tube and when it creates a zygote then it is planted in woman's uterus here this cell multiply himself and after the 9 or 10 days later it again divided into two parts ICM is one part, this Embryonic Stem Cell is collected from here.

Use of Embryonic Stem Cell-

 by the use of Embryonic Stem Cells, we can recreate hearts cells, nervous system cells, liver cells, and many more cells which is our need we can create the desired cell by Embryonic Stem Cell. there is a deep study required on Embryonic Stem Cells to know their better use because it creates a tumor.

Hematopoietic Stem Cell-

 This cell is mostly known to produce blood in the body. it creates RBC in our Blood, our blood cells create millions of blood cells in a drop of blood its life is 120 days it dies every day and is prepared every day it is also responsible to create a presentation which is necessary to ground up the fetus. Hematopoietic Stem Cell is important to maintain the blood level in our body.

Mesenchymal Stem Cell- 

this cell is mostly used to create fats, flash and bone, and many more things like this it cant create blood.

uses of stem cells in India. till 2005 Indian medical institutes are using stem cells to solve many diseases.

there are main uses are.in India, it is used to the replacement of heart cells, many eyes diseases, peripheral blood-based problems, adhere to two broken bones, and creation of new liver cells and bile cells,
There is a placenta blood bank is established in India. the Indian scientist is in search of a new way to cure any disease.


if you have read all the information about stem Cells definitely you can understand that in the future we would be able to find triumph on many deadly diseases. with the help of stem cells, it would be a great achievement in medical history.

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