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Jambu deep a palace of immortality culture of India

Jambu deep a palace of immortality/ Vedic culture of India

As long as our curiosity will alive we all try to make some fun in our life my curiosity thas extended me to find out the root cause behind the name jambu Deep which is an ancient name of our country. although the name belongs to the name of the river, fruits and a name of a Tree which was bigger than many mountains. India a country of Righteousness, a palace of Buddism and Devotional Destination of the world. to know why our country got its name like Jambo deep we have to dive down inside its history to find out its root folder
jambu iceland

The main reason why India called Jambu deep

There were seven biggest lands on this planet as according to Indian cultural scriptures which mentions its name in accordance with there primitive time and those are listed here.

 Janbu, Plush Shalambi, Kush, Kounch, Shak, and Pushkar

further, the earth divided into seven Biggest ocean which is increasing their size and distance as according to there number,

 according to the primitive time they got there name  Shirred, Ikshursod, Ksharod, Ghritod, Dadhyodh, Kshiraslil, and Jarod.

suppliment for beautiful skin this earth has covered 50 billion miles diameter, surrounded by oceans and creating concerns with lands.
the Greate Jambo Iceland is bigger among all lands which are established himself in the middle of all lands. Mountain Meru is shining in the middle of Jambu Iceland. shining just like gold shining the height of Meru mountain is 84k miles up above and ist depth is 16k miles inside of the earth and it has extended on earth  32k miles and inside core is has expended himself in 16k miles all these setting creates a great situation for mountaineers it gives shape as a middle leaf of a lotus. this mountain is covered from Himwan, Hikmat, and Nishad from southern sides.

 north side of this mountain is covered by Neil, Sweet, and Nishad Mountain.

All the mountain which has covered the main mountain Meru, are very bigger in size shape and its expend average area of coverage is 2k miles according to the proportion of height and weight ration.

India is situated on the mountain Meru and its geographical location is on the north side of Mountain Meru, Another two major mountains which covered the mountain Maru from of same sides are Kimpurushwarsh and Hariwarsh, Mountains Meru is connected with Champak, Ashwin, Hiranmy and Uttarkush sub mountains from its Northern side.

These all above mention Name are just a resemble of India and they are extended himself in 9k miles Illabrit is situated between them where the great Meru has on the position. Illatbrit is extended in 9k  miles. this place is covered with four oceans form four sides of this Illatbrit

These four mountains are known as pegs of great Meru, which has an average range of 10k miles in height,
they are according to side

East--  Mandar

health supliment                                                                                                These mountains are covered with many plants which most know as Kadanb tree, Jambo tree, Peepal Tree, and last but not the least Banyan Tree.

Jambu deep begins here. 

This Jambo Tree is the main reason which forced this reason to called himself a Jambu Ice land because of this Jambo Tree, Jambu Deep is the biggest among all seven islands which are covered totally with jambu tree which produced bigger fruit who filled with a pious liquid which can change mortality into immortality.

Jambu fruits contain all nutrients which can  convert mortality into limitless life, a life which is free from fear,  wide distanced from sorrow, a life of  excellence, pervaded happiness fulfilled  the reason why he got this identity gives him this great name of Jambo land

psychic reading fruits of these Jambo Tree areas bigger as an elephant when it filled with these fruits they fall down on the mountain and spreads all over on the mountain and finally, their juice creates a river called Jambu river in present its name has been changed.

The inhabitants are drunk that water which comes out from jambu tree which made them a chemical changed in there body according to the scriptural knowledge they stay free from sweat odor, bad smell, the shine of aging, and any sensor disorders. it makes open-hearted everyone who uses that water outside soils converted into jambunad gold which is very precious for a person who believes in Vedic ritual. an ascetic.

 conclusion: hope you all reader must understand that why India is called a jambu deep we are the reproduction of that great land and always we have to understand its moral value in our life and it's our duty to teach world because we are the global teacher according to our scripture and all historical events have proved this truth we have to just keep it up.    

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