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The first look of Moro E5 plus, complete entertainment box,

The first look of Moto E5 plus, complete entertainment box, upgraded with the latest technology.

moto new launched phone moto E5 plus 

Mobile manufacture company Motorola has launched a new feature smartphone moto E5 plus, which is a complete entertainment box. On the 10th of July Moto E5 plus had launched in Delhi.

Moto E5 plus features 

Today everyone’s first requirement is a fast, classy and lightweight and a fabulous looking smartphone, and Motorola has created concerned with this Moto E5 smartphone. You can say that this smartphone is the best choice for experience entertainment on the small screen

There are a few common things in the Moto E5 and Moto E5 plus and those are related to there batteries performance life, by using this Moto E5 user can experience biggest batteries life which leads them to endless entertainment in the price range of under 12000 thousand. The market price for Moto E5 is 9,999 and the price of Moto E5 plus is rs. 11,999.
Some Special features

As we know that Moto E5 was inbuilt with a Snapdragon 425 Soc processor and 2 GB of
Ram with 16 GB of internal storage which can be expended up to 256 GB with the support of SD cards. Its ratio of Screen is an18:9 aspect ratio. And batteries power is 4,000 mah unit. and LED flash supported a camera.

On the other hand, Moto E5 plus is loaded with some more powerful feature and that is here listed below

Moto E5 plus Inbuilt Features

Processor --  Snapdragon 430 Soc
Operating system --- androids 8.0 ios
Ram          --  3 GB
Internal storage –32 GB
Memory expands – up to 256 BG
Supports   -- Micro sd cards
Batteries – a bigger Batteries with 5,000 mAh capacity.
Camera --  front camera 12 MP
Rare       --   2.0 MP ( it is slightly faster by laser AF system, according to Motorola.

 Graphics and Design

I liked this phone very much this phone built with a great feature which name is signature  Motorola camera bump and its fingerprint scanner. This phone is totally different in its body construction material this phone is built with a polymer material. Wheather Moto E5 was covered with the aluminum material. The Backside of Moto E5 plus is very shiny just look like a glass material is used to built its cabinet panel most important feature is it is unsleepy grip which offers a great experience to the users.

 flawless skin
A Healthy Screen

Technology is flying like jets are flying in the sky and we all are connected with technology. A great technology comes with a healthy screen size resolution its pixel its appearance and many more who make a bigger screen into a healthy bigger screen today everyone's life is moving on the cell phone and they want more and more feature with a smartphone. Moto E5 plus has prepared with a big healthy screen which can experience you more connectivity with this device you would be able to make some out details while watching your favorite TV shows you were also able to control its screen while you are playing games on this device. Moto E5 plus has almost 6-inch HD + display with a resolution of 1440 * 720 pixels, which is packed with pretty ergonomic display ration of 18:6. Moto E5 plus has9.35 mm thinner which can enable to enjoys all the feature of bigger screen.

Big Battery life

If you are an android user you must have experience, performance of a batteries which is used in our android phone and you must have faced these problems of low batteries because of low batteries capacity in your phone but now you can ignore this problem by using this new Moto E5 plus which is built with a massive battery life it has 5,000 mAh  Battery life moreover Moto company claims you can enjoy non- stop  music or play video up to 18 hours constantly. This battery has also come with a super-rapid charging system facilities which enable you to charge your mobile just in a few minutes now you can charge your phone in mins.

fulfil your dream


As a user of any android phone we have to understand that they work with technology and technology means to change according to time right now this phone is very good to enjoy all the feature like big healthy screen, a massive batteries life  cool camera , great user interface these all make a very nice looking and easy to use feature with this phone which almost made it worthfully so you can buy this phone which will help you to live your life longer with this device great storage capacity will support you to store in a huge numbers of pictures, movies, apps etc. full & final this is a good phone to buy as according to present time .
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