holistic health can change your all worry of health

what is a holistic health and how it is useful for us?

Hey, I'm the user with wellness for life. if you'd like to truly master health, by you'd like to truly master health, by understanding how the body really works.

Some people love the notion of holistic health understanding how the body really works.

Some people love the notion of holistic health and others things that it's pseudoscience.

So we're going to talk about what it really is and how it really works. So Holistic Health has nothing to do with burning incense, waving crystals or wearing strange clothing, or moving into a cave.

Holistic Health simply means that you address all of the people you address all of the factors that influence health.
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So first, we have to understand what is the body and what is it affects the body. So if you ask me a physicist, what the body is, he'll say, Well, you know, it consists of matter. And the matter is the same thing as energy.

And energy gives rise to vibration, and vibration has frequencies. And Nikola Tesla said if you want to find the secrets to the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration,

because if the entire universe is energy, frequency, and vibration, then so are we. And we have to start thinking of the body more in those terms.
Everything that is alive has the ability to process signals or information from a little bacterium or an amoeba, more complex beings, like humans, we all have the ability to process signals.
That is what makes us alive. So the human brain is one of the most complex things ever devised. It has the ability to process billions of bits of information per second.

And it receives about 1 billion bits of information per second. And for every bit it receives, it's going to turn something on, or it's going to turn something off the sum total of all of that is called regulation.

And when regulation works, then we find ourselves in a state of homeostasis, which is the same thing as health.

So then we want to understand what are those different signals, what are those different pieces of information. So there

we talked about for a very long time that there's a triangle or a triad of health, and there's a chemical side to us, there's a physical-mechanical side to us, and there's an emotional thinking side to us.

every one of those is equally important, we can't just work on one because then that triangle could get lopsided or lose a science altogether.
So just think about this for a second, we all know that movement creates signals and we get more energized,
if we stand up and do some jumping jacks, then we feel more energized.

We also know that we can eat something that makes us feel good, or we can eat something that makes us feel bad, there's good and a bad side to all of these aspects.

So nutrition, proper nutrition is the good side, toxic nutrition would be a bad aspect of the chemical side, as far as emotion,

we also know that you could think something, you could have an emotional response to the thought and you could feel really tense in your blood pressure could jump 50 points.

So all of these things change physiology, they change your health, so movement, chemical, nutrition, etc., and thoughts.

They're all equally important. So if they can affect you, if they can cause stress, then they can change your health, and then that is something that we need to address.

So that's what Holistic Health is we don't just look at one thing, we understand how the body works, we understand what impacts health and then we look at all of those aspects.

We look at the whole retreat the whole patient, there's nothing mystical. There's nothing strange.

It's just an understanding of how the body really works. And we address all of it so we don't leave anything out.

And that is the only way that you're going to return the body to health or maintain the body at an optimal level of health is through holistic health.
This is by understanding what the body is impacted by and by carefully learning and understanding what those factors are, how to develop a lifestyle so that you can optimize all those so.

if you have something about your health that you'd like to change, or if you know someone who has some health challenges, please share this information with them.
Share it with as many people as possible because the more people that find out what health is and how the body works, the more we can help people stop suffering.

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