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Why is hair loss so common among youngsters today, youngsters are leaving a completely different kind of life. Maybe in my life, the amount of stress and competition that I faced by the time he reached half my life today's youngsters are facing by the time they are 20. The competition to life. And stress starts much early starts in primary school.

Things to know how about your hair health

I have kids in second standard third standard running for a school race, their Mamas and fathers, they're coming and telling them You should come first. What kid doesn't understand anything about coming first or last.

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He's just running for the heck of it. He's just running for the joy of running the race. So we are facing calm competition and stress earlier in life. That is one main reason why we are having the hair falling faster.

The hair has got a fixed number of cycles, it is like recharging your lithium ion battery. If you finish the recharge cycles earlier, the battery wears out earlier. The second reason is our diet we want to eat what is fashionable or what is tasty

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for the tongue. And we don't want to eat what gives us nutrition the selection of fast foods fad diets.

The entry of processed foods, colas, and juices is harming the nutritional level of young growing children. That is another reason why they are losing here. The third thing is being Weight Watchers you want to cut fat from the diet but we term or have two kids. Water Soluble and fat-soluble vitamins A d k are extremely important for the wellness of the entire body and for hair growth.
So if you want a fat-free diet, you have ADHD deficiencies which lead to hair loss and whatever imbalances in the body and whatever stress the body has to face.

The first thing it can afford to shut down is the health department body things you can survive without a single hair on the head. If you lose all your hair you don't have any physical ailment nor any medical condition you're not sick because you're losing him.

So the first thing the body can afford to lose is the hair so any imbalance in the body and stress any nutritional loss. The first thing body says Okay, stop making the hair and take care of the other vital organs. So here is first to take the brunt and suffer out of all these situations of today.

Please share your valuable suggestions for happening intending affair. We have been seeing very, very common among girls today. Equally common with boys but a little less. But today girls are working like boys. They're taking responsibility. Like boys, they exercise like boys, they take physical efforts like boys. So tell me what's happening.

Hormones for hair regrow in female

The female body has got a part secretion of female hormone and a very, very small amount of section of male hormone. The male body has got some separation of male hormone and a very, very small amount situation of female or so because of the change in the lifestyle, the change of the responsibilities and taking up the challenges female also gym they exercise, they do weight training, let me say some of the women smoke.

So these changes are causing a change in the hormonal balance in the females leading to early thinning similar changes in the hair of boys who are having changes in the environment. Exposure to the food selection, the fast foods typically by the Indian Institute of nutrition have been termed as the hidden hunger means you are foods that fill up your tummy,

but they don't fill up your nutritional requirements. Hair Loss management, hair loss management today should start with lifestyle management. You understand that here requires creating an environment that is favorable for the hair to grow.

Only then the hair will grow. We have evolved from Harry monkeys and gorillas to men and women by losing the head. So the program to lose here on the program to have the head going away is more evolved than the program to regrow the hair.

You see a Steven Spielberg film all external stills marching down from the spaceship our bond, they are trying to show us a species that is more evolved than us. So if we want the hair to grow, we have to send a special request to the head please come and grow, it will grow otherwise it doesn't grow.

So the special request comes in the form of application of lotions, creams, biomimetic peptides, use of low light laser whatever you want to use to stimulate.

It's like sending an invitation to the head to grow once the head accepts your invitation and is willing to grow you feed the hair with the correct amount of antioxidants vitamins and calcium amino acids these are the Brixton cement of which the head is made and you can achieve here the program is as simple

as that does not require any kind of medicine or any kind of medical management premature graying of Hey premature going off here is resulting from exposure to sunlight, we say that the sunlight makes your skin black and your hair white.

The same changes formation of superoxide peroxide in the skin that caused skin damage or photodamage from exposure to sunlight causes damage to the hair as well exposure to pollutants the same thing as the static charge of the head which comes in settles on the surface of the head is causing damage and is causing the hair to grey

the earlier third thing is the nutritional factor the nutritional requirements for producing black hair are not being met adequately so the cells continue to divide but they are devoid of the color there are two different cell systems in the body.

one system grows the hair one system provides the color for the hair that's where you have hair of different colors depending on the second set of cells. So in some bodies, the second set of cells starts feeling through the national hair is growing.

You don't have the color is provided at the same rate so there is no specific medicine we can give for gray hair but again management of your lifestyle covering your hair with a scar for a cap when you're exposed to dust, dirt, and sunlight and managing your nutritional requirement a with the correct balance that can help you a long way in correcting growing here.

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