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unexpected beauty hacks you wish you'd known, for glowing skin in seceonds

unexpected beauty hacks you wish you'd known about looking beautiful is any ladies desire, but there seemed to be issues you can't take care of yourself to counter that we gathered several secrets that will save you a lot of time and money to look fresh and gorgeous all day long.

women beauty tips.

                    15 beauty hack for women and girls.

Number 15 for beautiful hair.

If you have greasy hair, Simple Cooking salt, or even better sea salt is what you need. Add two to three tablespoons to your favorite shampoo and the roots of your hair will stay clean for longer.

Number 14.

For thick brows and lashes. Don't throw out your old mascara bottle wash it and use it to mix together some castor oil, vitamin E and aloe vera juice mascara brush is perfect for applying the mix your eyebrows and lashes. Do it every night for a month before going to bed.

13 four circles under the eyes. If you like coffee. Don't dispose of spent coffee grounds. They can help keep your eyes fresh. Mix them in a one to one solution with coconut oil and apply to the skin under your eyes for 15 minutes. Apply this mask three to four times a week.

Number 12.

For a healthy body, you can make an anti-cellulite rap even at home. mix two tablespoons of ground ginger five tablespoons of cosmetic clay and 10 tablespoons of warm water together. Apply the mix to the problem areas belly sides, hips arms and wrap them with plastic wrap. Leave it all like this for an hour. Then unwrap yourself and take a warm shower do this once a week.

number 11.

For smooth legs. sugaring is considered one of the best desolation methods it's less painful doesn't irritate the skin and just poses of ingrown or Brazil like hairs mixed one-fourth of a glass of lemon juice two glasses of sugar and one-fourth of a glass of water together. Keep the mix on a low key until it's golden cooldown and apply it to your legs against the hair growth. Then sharply remove the paste.
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10- For beautiful and strong nails. a one to one mix of coconut oil and honey with a few drops of lavender oil is perfect for strengthening the nails. To make it more convenient. Pour it into a use nail polish bottle.

9- for blackheads on your face. If you're tired of having blackheads on your nose or chin. Make a simple mask makes one teaspoon of warm water, one tablespoon of flour and one teaspoon of honey together. Dip a cotton pad or a piece of cloth into this mix and apply it to the problem zone. Remove after 10 to 15 minutes.

8- For gorgeous arms pits. You can live in the skin of your armpits. the help of compresses made of raw ground potatoes. Leave them there for half an hour.

7- for sunburn. A baking soda solution will help to calm the skin down and get rid of the redness caused by sunburn. Apply. The cool part is to the painful area for 10 to 15 minutes.

6- for tender heels to make your heels always soft. You should use foot soaks. Take two cups warm water at a half a cup baking soda and one cup vinegar. soak your feet for 15 to 20 minutes. Then drive with a towel and apply some nutritious cream.

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5- for clear collection. That famous black facial mask can also be made at home. mix two tablespoons of ground up activated charcoal and 1.5 tablespoons of gelatin dissolved in warm water. Heat in a microwave until it turns into jelly. apply to your face for 30 minutes. Then remove the mask.

4- for the widest teeth. Strawberries will help you gently whiten your teeth mixed one teaspoon of grated berries with one teaspoon of baking soda and use this pace instead of toothpaste twice a month.

3- for a fresh face all day long. Do you want your face to look fresh even at the end of the day? Use the freshening facial spray prepare it by mixing aloe gel bought at a drugstore or made yourself with purified water in a one to three ratios for the mix into a spray bottle and carry it with you wherever you go.
baking soda.

2- for a pleasant fragrance to keep your hair fragrant for the whole day. spray your perfume on to your hairbrush and brush your hair with it a few time.

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1- firming up your breasts if you want to retain the shape of your breath rubbed as lean on them every night before going to bed. After two weeks, you'll notice that the skin has become more alive and moisturize. Do you know other helpful beauty tricks? If so, share them in the comments.

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