See here Penguins... And More!

Penguins... And More!

Penguins and more!

The National Science Foundation manages the U.S. Antarctic Program, which coordinates all U.S. scientific research (including penguin research!) on the southernmost continent and in the Southern Ocean.

bird of snow
Penguins are the bird of cold reason on this planet.
they love to live sea beach and most of them are present on the pole of the earth. that is the place which is covered with show all over the years and sun lights come out for the short of time maximum time of sunlight which appears here is only for months and all over the time weather becomes snowing and penguins like to stay in that situation.
bird of antartica
do you love penguins, they are looking very attractive in the months of December to January if you found of birds then must you visit to poles to understand about this amazing creature of nature.

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