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Every thing about,what is Mankadning in simple word

The Hindu explains every thin about manakadning, which every cricket lover should know.

In the year 2019, The season of the Indian Premier League has begun just a few days ago and it has already courted controversy. During a match against RajasTEMPthan royals at the Sawai Mansingh Stadium in Jaipur,

 Kings Xi Punjab captain and bowler Ravichandran Ashwin dismissed Jos Buttler in a run out which is called ‘Marketing’. Marketing’ is a method of running out where a bowler can dismiss to non-strike by hitting the bails before bowling when the latter is outside the crease. 

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Though this is a legally permissible dismissal, it is considered against the spirit of the game, this marketing has started by a legendary Indian bowler Vinoo Mankad who has to apply this method to run out non-striker end. According to the laws of cricket more than 40 states data “Non-striker leaving the ground early: 

If the non-striker is out of his or her ground from the moment the ball comes into play to the instant when the bowler is permitted to attempt to run him/her out. Whether the attempt is successful or not, the ball shall not count as one in the lover.

Also, the low states if the bowler fails in an attempt to run out the non-striker, the umpire shall call and signal Dead ball as soon as possible. The credit for inventing the word
The Lion share for Inventing the Word ‘Mankading’ goes to the Australian Press.

During India’s tour of Australia in 1947, Vinoo Mankad had first time Used this method and he had dismissed Bill Brown, not once but twice by removing the bails when he was outside the crease. Though the then Australian captain Don Bradman supported M<ankad, the Australian Press criticized him for being Unsportsmanlike.
history of Mankadaning 
This law was amended several times in cricket history after dis incident, but it was decided to retain dis from of running out to disallow batsmen from stealing runs.

We have many instances where the bowlers refrained from using this method, like, in the year 1987 at the time of world cup match between Pakistan and west indies. Courtney Walsh refused to run Salim Jaffar out, which resulted in West Indies losing the game to Pakistan.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time Ashwin tried to dismiss a non-striker. During the year of 2012 Commonwealth Bank Series in Australia, Ashwin ran Sri Lanka’s Lahiru Thirimanne out using the same method. He had ever warned Thirimanne earlier. However, captain Virender Sehwag Withdrew the Appeal and the umpires considered it as a dead ball.

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