Honey and Cinnamon are Best for Health.

8 health benefits of honey and cinnamon, Here is why honey and cinnamon are a powerful combination for your health.

honey and cinnamon for skin

Warmly welcome to this post, everyone knows the benefits of honey and many of us apply it every day and many of us like to use cinnamon also for our good health.

Honey and cinnamon both are a benediction for humanity by nature if we understand its power and where to apply we can make a visible change in our life so let's begin to know how hone and cinnamon is a powerful combination for our good health.

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Why honey with cinnamon:

how to use cinnamon with honey

Honey and cinnamon both are the most common ingredients which easily available in everyone's kitchen or in the household Both of them have multiple proven health benefits. ut as per ancient ayurvedic practice the combination of the two can even more beneficial. Right from treating bladder infections, the mixture of honey and cinnamon can treat almost any health problem and has no side effects. Here are a few conditions that can be treated by mixing honey and cinnamon together.

Use for anti-acne:

If you are suffering from acne then honey and cinnamon paste can treat your embarrassing acne. Just need to you is to mix one teaspoon of cinnamon and three tablespoons of honey together. Apply this paste o the pimples and leave it overnight. The combination is even beneficial for treating other skin-related problems. If you are suffering from eczema, ringworm, or other related infections tan honey and cinnamon can cute it.

Build up the Immune system:

in this modern time humans are running behind on money and money they don't have time to think about their health but the good news is that if you are consuming honey and cinnamon on a regular basis an boost your immune system and protect you from foreign bacteria and viruses. Both the ingredients are a rich source of antioxidants and have antibacterial properties. It can help to improve the digestive system and fight various stomach-related ailments. It can also be beneficial for gut health.

Recover your Arthritis pain:

The Goney and cinnamon paste can also be too much effective in treating arthritis pain. if you have to need it then it is a teaspoon of honey and cinnamon in lukewarm water to create a paste. Then apply it to the part that is hurting. You can also create a drink by mixing honey and cinnamon in a ratio of 2:1 in hot water and drink it on a regular basis.

Control your heart disease:

The connection between cinnamon and honey can also help to regulate cholesterol levels. the high cholesterol level can lead to atherosclerosis, plaque builds up inside your arteries, which can be a cause of various hearth related issues. Add three teaspoons of cinnamon power ad two teaspoons of honey to some tea water and drink it on a regular basis to keep your heart healthy.

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Effective in bladder infection:

Honey and cinnamon are powerful combinations its mixture is excellent to destroy bladder germs. The mixture of a teaspoon of cinnamon powder and half a teaspoon of honey in lukewarm water can help to tackle urinary bladder infections.

Help to control weight management:

This is one of the most useful applications of honey and cinnamon which surprising benefit of honey and cinnamon is that it can help in weight loss. mix honey and cinnamon powder in hot water and consume it three times for quick weight loss. The mixture prevents fat accumulation in the body, even if you are o a high-calorie diet.

Help to overcome bad breath habits:

Both honey and cinnamon have very strong anti-inflammatory properties and can help in treating gums and teeth infections at bay. If you are suffering from gum odor or related problems apply hone and cinnamon paste on your teeth and gums on a regular basis for the sake of your oral health. the pate can help to control the spreading of harmful bacteria inside the mouth, which causes your mouth to smell bad.

use for cold and cough:

Honey and cinnamon are also quite effective in healing cough and cold. both the ingredients are anti-bacterial, antiviral, and anti-microbial can fight the virus which causes cough and cold.

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