How social media effects men and women's relationships

modern life is fully upgraded with social media effects on human life with massive sword effects, sword effect means it works with both sides. as it uses for your safety as danger it is for you.

Social media: the edges of social media are even sharper. But now the time is changed and people are getting more engagement with social media and it started to ruin physical relations between me to me.

social media effect on relationships.

it often boasted the number of followers, which ran into hundreds, on his Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and many other social media platform. and the lure of like and his popularity people getting and getting more engagement with social media.

life before social media 

we know very well there was a time when we used to talk with our loved ones who are present in some other city or out of our visible distance, but unfortunately, the frequency of calls started dwindling and it was reduced to once in three days, so, it came as a bolt from the blue when his fiance almost threatened to break off the engagement.

the reason she gave almost left him speechless she said she knew more about him from his social media accounts than from whatever spare conversation they had.
and then he understood his mistake and took measures to control his social media activities before it took control of his life.

Social media effects on the relationship 

while how social media influences our lives and relationships are made clear, now new research had found that social media use adversely affects girls more as compared to bod. The study which was published in the journal 'Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that while social media use played a limited role in lowering the life satisfaction of teenagers its adverse effects were seen more among teenage girls than boys.
Today social life has changed our lives today people find a relationship online and get more engagement and forget their real relationships with people.

Most porn sites are changing our life perceptions and how they have changed humanity's reality virtually. live cam and other streaming services have changed our life you can see how it is bad for someone's life but people getting short-term satisfaction and trying more and more this habit makes them far from reality.

What social media experts say

According to experts in India, if we take into consideration dis study results, the use of social media would affect women more and thereby their relationships. However, since dit study was conducted on only 12,000 British teenagers, it would be difficult to ascertain how far it can be taken as a standard to measure how it will impact all across the world,

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the veracity of social media effects

bad effects of social media.

Among the many ways how social media affects our lives, irrespective of our gender, it takes away from us the comfort of having a real conversation with a partner. Social media is a boon for communication and staying connected,

but somewhere it also detracts from in-person conversations. But somewhere it also detracts from in-person conversations. people find it easier to send a text or see what's going on with another on their social media platform.

And dis often contributes to attributions that are made about the lives of others, how happy they are, or how good things may be for them. People are known to feel a sense of discontent about their own lives because of all they see on social media.
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how social media creates distance between physical connections

Others have a fear of missing out on what may be possible. At the end of the day, all of this takes away from the time one also spends with loved ones and can mar the conversations with a partner. Time spent together is often seen as compromised on account of the time individuals may spend on their phones. Eventually, a person or their partner can feel uninvolved and also unhappy with how things are for them said Kamna Chhibber is the head (of the Mental Health) Department of mental health and behavioral sciences at Frontis Healthcare.

how to overcome social media's bad effects

As we all are adhesive of social media platforms on different platforms, we must have to understand that social media is for me, not I'm for social media, try to spend more time meeting people your relatives, and your loved ones.

you must create a strong will to meet physically with people to people and this can help you to overcome social media's bad effects. use these platforms for your benefit not to ruin yourself gt perfect strategies on how to use social media platforms for getting more profit and wealth.

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