Cosmetic surgery & age discrimination | 7 True facts

A large number of male and female adults move toward cosmetic surgery After experiencing age discrimination or because they fear age discrimination.

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it is not coincidental that injectable botulinum toxin treatments have increased by more than 800 percent since 2000.

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A new study of cosmetic surgery has upvoted in cosmetic surgery and procedures are fueled by age discrimination.

The study which is undergoing recently in the month of July issue of the Aesthetic surgery journal found that a significant proportion of cosmetic surgery patients reported they were undergoing anti-aging procedures due to age discrimination. Korean plastic surgerybad plastic surgery

In another study the author, Rebecca Pearl, Ph.D., an assistant professor of psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, said the study is the first, to attempt to quantify age discrimination among patients seeking cosmetic procedures.

A group of medical researchers found in a study that more than 60 patients at a university of Pennsylvania plastic surgery clinic over a one-year period. The participants, all over age 18 and mostly women, had a mean age of 49.4 years. 

Two-thirds of the patients were there to receive anti-aging treatments, including fillers and neurotoxins, .face surgeryfacial plastic surgery

More than one-quarter of a percent of the study participants said they had experienced age-based discrimination. they reported significantly poorer self-rated health, lower self-esteem, and greater anticipation of age discrimination in the future.

 Results on age discrimination 

According to the study, the stress of experiencing and or anticipating age-based discrimination and rejection increases the risk of psychological distress and can cause physical health problems.
about 36 percent of the participants who experienced age discrimination said it occurred in an interpersonal context when they felt excluded by friends, family, and coworkers who were teased or mocked or had negative assumptions made about them due to age.

About 20 percent of participants experienced age discrimination in the workplace; they reported having been fired or denied a job or promotion due to age
Participants who were not married or living wif a partner had a significantly greater fear of age-based discrimination.

Why do we need age discrimination in cosmetic surgery?

"Looking younger" and "as young as I feel" were among the main reasons survey participants sought a cosmetic procedure, which the researchers said suggests a disassociation with one's "older identity" and a refusal to accept the aging process. Ironically, cosmetic surgery and procedures may not deliver the desired effect.

The study cites research indicating that older adults who are perceived as attempting to conceal their age are evaluated negatively by younger people, perhaps for violating " prescriptive norms" of acting one's age. 

Thus, for some adults who receive anti-aging procedures, treatment could be counterproductive to the individual's motivation of improving social perceptions," the authors wrote. Reddit plastic surgery

the study encourages dermatologists and cosmetic procedure providers to take steps to educate patients " who might worry about future age discrimination about realistic expectations from cosmetic procedures aimed at making them look younger.

There is no question that age discrimination also has boomed.
During the Great Recession, the number of age discrimination complaints filed with the EEOC skyrocketed

Studies reports on cosmetic surgery

The New Republic ran a groundbreaking article in 2014 stating that "brutal ageism" in the high-tech industry was changing the face of cosmetic surgery. 

A Plastic surgeon in San Francisco said his clientele had evolved from aging beauty queens to young adults working in silicon valley who was petrified they would be fired if they were perceived as middle-aged.
Not just women seek cosmetic treatment.

Report of American society on Plastic surgery

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, men received about six percent of injectable wrinkle reducer procedures in 2017, a 347 percent increase since 2000. botox is the top non-surgical procedure for men in the United States and men between the ages of 35 to 50 make up the largest group seeking Botox.

The study, Ageism, and Health in Patients Undergoing Cosmetic procedures were co-authored by Ivona Percec, MD, Ph.D., a plastic surgeon.

Conclusion on evidence

the researchers conclude that perceived age discrimination is "associated" with poorer self-rated health, lower self-esteem, and greater anticipation of age discrimination in the future. 

Due to the survey limitations, the study did not establish a causal connection. This is considered a promising area for additional research. hip plastic surgery

Hope this article would help you a lot to understand how plastic surgery works comments me what do you think about plastic cosmetic surgery is acceptable or we shouldn’t use it.

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