Yoga for Weight Lose : 9 Pose for Maximum Burn Fat

Yoga for Weight Loss: 9 Asana to help you control your weight within a week.

yoga for weight loss

Yoga for weight loss is the most choicely personnel equipment or idea for those who are willing to lose their weight effortlessly at home, without spending too much money on commercial supplements. Common causes are why we fail in the weight loss program.

Do you know without doing physical work or yoga you won’t be able to get the best benefits of any supplement? Those are known for weight loss.

Principle of yoga for humanity and its working process?

Yoga is a most ancient Indian supernatural practice that came to light at the time of Lord Buddha. This yoga practice works with your mind and body and checks your entire body through your inner energy which is called wisdom or soul energy.


When you join yoga for weight loss it works with your body and your thought. There are lots of yoga poses that help you to lose weight or maintain your body weight. but you need the right food with yoga then you can get your best results.

Yoga is a process that works with your breaths, your breathing, and how you are breathing is important while performing any yoga. You can join yoga for fertility and for mind development. Well, one more thing about yoga. It can’t do anything alone it needs your support, such as persistence, and a regular healthy diet such as a vegetarian diet that is known for good health.

This practice was later developed over several years to what now is practiced as yoga. The discipline has 5 basic principles:

·       Exercise

·       Diet

·       Breathing

·       Relaxation

·       Meditation

Do you think that yoga is good for Weight Loss?

I don’t know, what a person thinks about yoga. But it is definite that only yoga is a process that allows you to enter yourself. If you are able to dive inside, then you would be able to find out jams for your bright future. Comments me if you find I am wrong or if you have a better idea than this.

When you accept or Believe in my thought as I told you how yoga allows you to dive inside. Your body will talk with you that what are the problems you are facing and how to cure them. The human body or all the living cells are formed with five natural elements that are called (Five Elements) i.e.: water, fire, air, soil, and sky. So when you connect yourself with yoga you activate these five elements that are present in your body.

These elements informed you of their problems and also provide solutions and your duty would be to continue with them. This is the source that allows women to regain their lost virginity but it also needs some support such as surgery. That is called medical surgery for discriminating against age barriers.

These are the ways of working yoga for weight loss or any other reason that allows you to join yoga and you are doing this divine practice daily. So now you have to decide whether yoga is working or not for your weight loss.

Yoga is a power of the inner body and your soul so you do yoga. Some of its benefits are listed below that you will get while doing yoga.


Increased flexibility – Flexibility is important for every person that allows them to act in their life it makes a person fast or quick in there day to day activity. Yoga for weight loss works on your flexibility of the gross body so join yoga and loss your weight forever while getting a slim flexible body.

Improved respiration – yoga for weight loss is also very much helpful to improve your respiration. The meaning of respiration is to build up energy in your body with the foods that you have intake. So there are some other benefits of weight loss yoga.

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Improved energy and vitality – to become a star such as impressive personality yoga will help you to get your reserved energy and vitality that allows a person to be fast and furious in their daily activity that is one another benefits of weight loss yoga so do it every day and forget you're all worry.

Balanced metabolism – yoga is very good to maintain your body and its all activities such as metabolism in the absence of yoga you may find that your body is weighted and you feel shy in your nature due to bad metabolism. There is a direct link between yoga and metabolism. Yoga can help you to maintain your metabolism maintain your body and balance your life. So do yoga for weight loss and show your flat tummy to everyone.

vito slim images

Improved athletic health – Athletic need more stamina to perform their duty while they are running or participating in any competition. As I have told you that yoga works with your breathing so it would help you to improve your athletic health. That is the reason most people join yoga for weight loss and get endless benefits from yoga.

Increased muscle tone – do you know your muscle needs exercise to maintain their power and strength with an attractive shape. Yoga works on your muscles to make them power stamina, strength, and shape to look attractive and pleasing. So this is also one of the benefits of weight loss yoga.

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Improved cardio health – your cardio, I mean your heart is just like your pumping station that pumps fresh blood that is filled with oxygen and when you perform yoga it helps your cardio muscle to be strong and do their job with flexibility. Most people who have heart-related issues join yoga and now they are happy while doing yoga for weight loss or any reason.

Weight reduction – well, yoga for weight loss is the reason that instigates me to write this article to inform everyone who is suffering from heavyweight that you can reduce your weight with yoga, you don’t have to need to spend a long time in the gym or long march or jogging.


Stress management – present life is known as a busy life nobody has extra time for himself that creates anxiety in our life, in our relationships, and also ruins our relationships. Yoga will help you to control and remove all the mental and physical stress so do yoga and live well.  How tension ruined our relationships and how to manage them for better understanding must be read.  


What is a yoga pose/asana for weight loss?

Yoga for weight loss is a nice choice for anyone, but it doesn’t mean you will get your result in a quick time. but within a month. you will find a visible change in your body. Yoga works with the combination of your mental and physical condition and then your inner body finds out one middle point to break them and make the proper use of your body.

As you started your yoga, it will judge your body and starts working and you will get your desired result. you can use yoga for multiple uses in your life some of us use yoga to boost our fertility some others use yoga to boost our mind power.

Yoga for weight loss work with some of the selected yoga poses that work on your targeted area such as high fat, fat on the love handle, and fat on the back when you start yoga you will find a proper golden way to achieve your desired result. So do this yoga for weight loss.

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asana and yoga tips for weight loss are given below.


Plank pose asana for instant weight loss.

Plank pose yoga poses for weight loss are the beginning pose for those who are suffering from excess fat on the abdomen or thigh. This yoga is suitable for all age groups. The working process is very easy you can do it any time but it would be best that you choose a fixed time for these yoga poses.

Plank pose asana images

How to do plank pose asana.

Plank pose yoga for weight loss is very easy to do to start this yoga pose you should spread your legs and hand and make a doggy pose and then spread them four-sided. And try to press your hands to the earth. Try to hold your hip up and hold and then down do this as long as you can.

Benefits of plank pose yoga

This yoga pose will help you to improve your stamina.

Help you to release body blocks

Support your thigh muscles and light your body.

Warrior poses.

Warrior poses yoga for weight loss this yoga pose is just like a warrior pose that makes your legs strong and helps you to maintain your stability. Help you to flex your body.

Warrior poses.

There are many styles of warrior pose yoga you have to choose one or you can apply all of them there is no difference in any of them but all are very powerful. Warrior pose yoga will help you lose your thigh weight.

How to do

Doing this yoga pose is a very easy stand-up make a distance between your legs and then bend your front legs and up your hands as long as you can then try to breathe slowly and do this for up to 2 minutes.

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Triangle pose

Triangle Pose yoga asana for weight loss is a good choice this yoga will help you to lose your belly fat and waist fat it will work faster to lose your weight.

Triangle pose

Triangle poses yoga for weight loss to do this yoga you must stand on your yoga mat and then make a distance then start bending your body from your hip area and try to touch your toe or feet but don’t bend your knee. This yoga will help strengthen your belly and make it flexible for life and improve your digestion control your weight.

Benefits of the Triangle for weight loss

This yoga will help you to cut belly fat.

It will help you to flex your waist area.

Strength your legs

Burn fat from your thigh.


Dog pose yoga.

Dog pose yoga

Dog pose yoga for weight loss is also a very popular yoga pose it also has another name and is Adho Mukha Svanasana. If you perform this yoga pose this will work on your entire body it will clear excess fat from your belly your upper arms from your thigh and also make them flexible and strongest for life and make you happy while walking or other life learning work. This yoga pose is very popular amongst married couples because they like this pose for their different needs to do their job for the happiness of their partner or life.

Acai ultima

Benefits of dog pose yoga for weight loss

Help to improve your blood circulation

Improve your breathing.

Tone your body such as the thigh, arms, and legs.

Burn your excess fat from your thigh, hips, and love handle area.

Shoulder stand

Shoulder stand yoga poses for weight loss, this yoga asana has multiple benefits. All yoga has multiple benefits but this one is special for weight loss or for blood circulation, it also helps to improve your mind power. This yoga will help you to reverse your blood flow to your body, from toe to legs.

Shoulder stand

To do this yoga pose you should ask for an expert or you can ask for support from your family member.

First of all, you should lie down on your yoga mat and then lift up your leg and then try to lift your waist and then abdomen and then tell your upper abdomen side body parts to hold or support your body and make a right angle pose from your legs toe to your chest. And hold up to 1 minute.


This yoga pose will help you to improve your blood circulation.

Give power to your shoulder.

Boost your metabolism and improve fertility.

Improve your digestion.


Bridge pose

Bridge pose

To do this yoga pose for weight loss you should lie on your back and then bend your legs and then lift your body and hold your all weight on your legs and hands and then try to lift as much as you can. These yoga poses have multiple styles to do you can see in the picture. This will help you to burn your excess fat from the upper thigh abdomen, chest and arms so do this yoga pose for weight loss.

Benefits of Bridge pose for weight loss

This yoga pose will help you to improve your body strength.

Flexible your body and maintain weight.

Improve your digestion and cut fat from your love handle.

Gives strength to your legs and arms and tones your body.


Twisted Chair Pose

Twisted chair poses yoga for weight loss. It has another name that is Parivrtta Utkatasana. This yoga will help you to burn your belly fat and fat from your upper and inner thigh. 

The twisted chair pose is similar to chair poses but here you have to move your body left to right to do this yoga this will help you to burn your fat from the abdomen and waist. It helps women to improve their menstrual cramps.


Help to reduce your belly fat.

Reduces your thigh fats.

Give strength to your legs.

Improve your abdomen to digestion.

Bow pose

Baw pose for weight loss yoga pose is hard for some people. This yoga pose will help with weight loss. Also, help to flex your body.

Bow pose

To do this yoga pose you should lie down opposite I mean lie as your abdomen your chest on a mat and your back above on your yoga mat. Then hold your legs with your hands and then try to lift them. Hold as long as you can.


Help to improve your digestion.

Help to flexible your body

Burn your belly fat

Give strength to your arms and your legs.

Surya Namaskara


Surya Namaskara
Surya namesake yoga for weight loss is a great yoga pose this yoga pose contains 12 yoga poses that are very powerful and tone your full body. This yoga is alone enough to do your all need fulfill for yoga benefits. This yoga will help from toe to head and thigh to shoulder.


Tone your entire body

Help to reduce your overweight.

Give strength to your body

Improve your stamina.

Help to manage your body weight.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Yoga to lose weight in 10 days

Well, it is hard to lose weight within 10 days but it is not impossible you can do it with your sharp intention and a few supercharge supplements that enhance your body activities to burn your fat and you have to be with yoga and these supplements.

Yoga for weight loss for beginners

We have mentioned the best of yoga for weight loss,  if you do it as we have mentioned above you will find a visible change in your body and be lightweight so join yoga live well.

Yoga for weight loss at home for female

At present time we find many reasons for weight gain in women but you can do yoga for weight loss. You can choose any yoga pose that we have mentioned above for married women you should use twist yoga for weight loss.

How to lose weight by yoga in 1 month

You should join yoga classes or buy some of the best yoga CDs that will help you to teach you how to lose weight within a month. If you want to lose weight within a month you can try water that will help you to lose your weight within a month. Or you can try yoga pose no five which will help you to burn your fat fast.

Yoga for weight loss Ramdev

For yoga poses for weight loss by ram dev you must buy CD or you can join their daily program on youtube or online. But all the yoga we have mentioned above as Ramdev teaches you for weight loss you can read them and can join them for your benefit.

Yoga for weight loss with pictures


Sitting yoga for weight loss

Poses that help you to reduce your overweight you can try, we have some very special yoga that you can do in sitting positions such as butterfly yoga poses twisted chair pose, and deep down meditation, these are very helpful for weight loss.

Yoga poses for weight loss belly

There are lots of yoga that help you to lose your belly fat such as dog pose, triangle pose, and plank pose yoga these are very helpful to cut your belly fat or you can choose these special CDs for belly fat burn at home.

How much weight can you lose by doing yoga?

This is not certain how much you can lose weight just regular yoga, and yoga will help to maintain your weight in the proportion to your height that yoga if just wants to lose weight then do yoga just start joining a gym that will fit you.

Can you lose belly fat with yoga?

 Of course- you can lose weight by yoga, yoga is the safest way to maintain your weight and maintain your life manage your health, improve your metabolism, tone your body, and many more what you know and what you don’t know but your benefits fair list will increase if you do yoga every day.

What is better for weight loss—yoga or gym?

Both yoga and gym have their own advantages. Yoga involves more stretching and relaxation, whereas fitness deals with the contraction of mussels. It depends on each individual’s own body type and choices.

yoga for everyone buy now and learn yoga at home.

When you do yoga your body is your instrument for all your need. But while gym you have to be friends with an iron weight that have some bad consequences after a certain age period. But yoga is a win-win choice for everyone so according to me, yoga would be the best choice for any and for any reason.


Yoga is a choice for genius for those who are willing to live healthily and wants to achieve a lot in their life because yoga is a process of learning from you within you and working for you. so if you are doing yoga really you are on the path of achievement in your life. It will help you to maintain your whole life and will help you to fulfill your entire dream as you want to do yoga for weight loss or anything also it will spark your life forever.


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