Fast weight loss: Ayurveda for loss weight in 7 steps.

People often get quite creative in their quest to lose weight fast and they are willing to try almost anything. from fad diets to fast weight loss supplements. there is no dearth of options for fast weight loss. However, it often becomes extremely difficult to decipher the best way to lose weight fast, since, the trend changes almost every month.

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so, before you jump on the bandwagon of detox paleo and intermittent diet we suggest sticking to the age-old, tried and tested way of losing weight fast it is important to follow a plan which is not only sustainable but also healthy in the long run.

Ayurveda to the rescue

Ayurveda is one such ancient Indian wellness system that helps in managing weight holistically. Following an Ayurvedic lifestyle will ensure that you not only healthily lose weight but also start feeling stronger from within.
Here are 7 amazing Ayurvedic secrets for weight loss.

eat these healthy meals to fast lose weight:

In stark contrast to some of the most popular fad diet plans, Ayurveda emphasizes the importance of healthy eating, in fact, one of the primary teachings of Ayurveda is to treat food as medicine. One must maintain a healthy metabolism by eating three filling and healthy meals in a day.
the no-snacking rule:

main three rules of eating follows to lose weight fast:

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It is important to understand that when you are focusing on eating three proper meals in a day, you must say no to processed or junk food. This is because if you eat in between meals, your body reaches out to burn sugar as fuel instead of the stored fat. When you eat three times a day. it helps in stabilizing your energy levels and burn fat simultaneously.

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include all 6flavours in your meals: 

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According to Ayurveda, one must include all six types of distinct tastes in all meals. To reach the satiety level and curb the cravings, try and include sour, sweet, bitter, salty, astringent, and pungent flavors in all your meals.


it is known to build strength and muscles when consumed in moderation. Grains, cereals, rice dairy, etc, has a prominent sweet taste.

Sour: it is known to cleanse the body and stimulate the appetite. citrus fruits, lemon, vinegar, pickle, and tamarind are all examples of sour food items.

Bitter: Bitter foods detoxify the body and help in the removal of bodily waste. Green leafy vegetables are known to have a prominent bitter taste.
It is known to improve digestion and increase the absorption of the mineral. Do remember that moderation is a must while including salty food items in your diet.

Some examples of salty food items are sea salt, rock salt, Himalayan salt, and fish.

Astringent food is known to reduce inflammation and heat in the body. It also helps in the strengthening of the system. Grapes. beans, sprouts, okra, and cranberries are all examples of astringent food items.

Pungent: Spicy foods like pepper, ginger, garlic, onion, hot spices, and mustard seeds are all examples of pungent food items. Consuming them in moderation keeps the sinuses clear improves appetite and stimulates metabolism.

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do not eat anything after 7 pm:

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Our erratic meal timings result in digestive issues like bloating and constipation. According to Ayurvedic beliefs, one must eat a light dinner before 7 in the evening. dit will give your body enough time to detoxify overnight and keep you fresh the next morning. Try to include more soups and salads in your last meal of the day.

Stick to home-cooked meals: diet to lose weight fastlose weight in 30 days
This one is a no-brainer. How many times a day do you reach out for processed food items in a day? Processed foods not only deprive you of the essential nutrients that your body needs to function well but are also laden with a host of chemicals. Your best bet to lose weight? try and stick to freshly prepared, home-cooked meals.

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Move away from coffee and herbal teas One of the simplest and best ways to cut down on your fat is to sip hot water throughout the day. it helps to get rid of the toxins accumulated in your body. for maximum benefits, try to have a few sips of warm water every half an hour. You can add a few drops of lemon juice and honey for added benefits.

7 Track your sleep if you want to fast weight loss: lose face fat, the best way to burn fat, lose fat fast 

Your sleep is single-handedly the most important factor in your weight loss journey. When you don't catch enough quality sleep, it not only hampers your concentration levels the next day but also wreaks havoc on your health. Make it a habit to hit the sheets sharp by 10 at night and get up by 6 in the morning.

I hope you all enjoy this powerful and fast weight loss process if yes then don't hesitate to share this information with your loved one thanks for reading. 
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