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 Women all over the world are oiling their pubic hair. but should you.
No matter, what is your living status if you woman you keep oiling your pubic hair, pubic hair asks you your attention for your better love status do you know what Gynecologists say about pubic privacy. as you well know that personnel hygiene how to care your privet area clean and infection-free you can read sighs of vaginal infections If you are unaware of this, surely you are missing a lot in your love for healthy life know here why it is important to oil your pubic hair. Pubic hair care is like makeup styles for instance 4 make-up styles as you do on your face.

how to care pubic hair.

Table of contents:

  • What is pubic hair
  • Why oiling pubic hair.
  • How to oil pubic hair
  • oiling hair
  • is oiling hair good
  • oiling hair benefits
  • how to remove pubic hair permanently
  • what is pubic hair
  • is pubic hair removal necessary
  • conclusion:

what is pubic hair:

pubic hair is that hair that grows in women's privet parts as their pubic area. If you are still confused then, pubic means privacy and hair which grow to save you're an intimate part from many outsider diseases and covered your vagina to protect germs specks of dust, and many more called pubic hair.

How to care for your pubic hair by oiling its hair:

As most know the fact we say that sharing is caring but this does not sit with pubic hair care. Caring for your pubic hair is very important and the good news is that there are many ways that enlighten your thought “on how to care for your pubic hair with hair oil.

At present time many oils are available in the market which well cares for your pubic hair just apply these oil at night and you will find your pubic hair which is most cruel in shape will turn to smooth and good looking as you have tamed them.

Why oiling pubic hair:

 Oil is a reach source of vitamin E which is quite necessary for our skin and hair. your pubic hair needs your attention. But does it also need the oil?  well,  here is some eyewitness proof which we got a gynecologist to answer for you.

benefits of oiling

Oiling hair:

Blame it on your mommy or your mommy's mommy, we've practically grown up worshipping hair oiling as the ultimate hair care regime. However, you've got social media and well yourself to blame if you've believed in pushing that thought further and have fallen for the Pubic hair oiling trend!

oiling hair benefits

It all started when Harry potter actress Emma Watson raved about a certain blend of grapeseed, jojoba, tea tree, and clary sage seek oil to a beauty website. And claimed to use it anywhere, from the ends of her hair and her eyebrows to well, the pubic hair.

Needless to say, countless moments bought the oil, which was quick to sell out. soon, the internet was flooded with women going gaga about how this oil made their pubic hair softer and tamed in-grown hairs.
some women prefer to be natural and not shave off their pubic hair completely.

And so an herbal product is known as fur oil, being used as a conditioner to smoothen and groom pubic hair by women around the world." acknowledges Dr. Sarita Patil, obstetrician, and gynecologist, Bhatia Hospital, Mumbai.

how to remove pubic hair permanently:

There are plenty of ways to remove your pubic hair easily at home without going out. You can order pubic hair removal cream online to remove your pubic hair permanently. But that is not the total solution for your pubic hair and your pubic health to maintain your pubic health you must do these tips.

how to care pubic area.

is oiling pubic hair good

For Women, who do not go for Brazilian waxing, laser therapy, or shaving, this type of oil can be used to prevent the skin from becoming rough," says Dr. Sarita.
"Such oils can even help prevent infection, soften the pubic hair, and give you a better feeling without making your intimate area wet or greasy," she also adds.
In fact, since such oils or creams do not have any fragrances and are non-greasy, just one to two drops of it after bathing can seal the deal minus any discomfort down there.

is pubic hair removal necessary:

"Women who do remove their pubic can use such oils to keep the skin from becoming scaly or rough and also prevent infections like folliculitis," she further explains.
So, whether or not you want to nourish your pubes with such oils is completely your call.

However, conditions apply:

Many women rely on regular hair conditioners and hair oils to tame their pubic hair," Dr. Sarita has pointed out.
However, the resulting greasiness and moisture from using them can turn your intimate area into a breeding ground for bacteria and infection. So, if you don't have access to non-greasy pubic hair oil, that is also approved by your gynecologist, do not opt for products that you use to tame the hair on your head.
Dr. Sarita recommends drinking plenty of water and keeping your intimate area clean at all times for healthier, softer pubes.
is pubic hair removal necessary

can I stream my pubic hair instead of shaving:

you can even opt for trimming instead of completely shaving or waxing you're pubic so that infection provided by your pubic hair remains intact and the hair does not become coarse over time.

Also, you've got to make sure to be super-careful while using these oils, so as to prevent them from getting inside the vagina and causing any irritation.

in fact, do a patch test before applying the oil directly to your pubes. And if it causes any itching or discomfort, wash it off immediately and rush to a gynecologist if the problem persists.


As a woman, you are a part of nature and you reflect shine to the motion world. Your beauty is not just outside of the box but the real beauty is that which is inside you.

One thing which we say is prevention is better then cure so why not understand this fact that where is your beauty and how to maintain its fragrance for your loved one partner as well as for your safety.
My close attention is to satisfy you with your entire health which reflects positively the charge for your life.

So keep these points in your mind which are mentioned above in the post and make your life happy.


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