One kiss for life | 9 types of kiss you follow on dating

What happens to your body when you kiss-know why it is so addictive?
As we well know the month of February is the month of love. This month is widely celebrated for the sake of love. As this month is known for valentine's day which runs for a week it starts from the first day of the second week and continues till the 14th of February. Kiss Day is celebrated on the 13th of February, a day ahead of valentine's Day.

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 here is what happens inside your body when you kiss someone you are romantically involved with. benefits  

Table of contents:

  1. Key Highlights: what is the kiss
  2. Types of the kiss.
  3. Kissing effects on life.
  4. Important notes on the kiss.
  5. What say kissing images
  6. Movies kissing for extreme love.
  7. Benefits of kiss
  8. Prevention before the kiss.
  9. Importance of the kiss in life.
  10. Conclusion:

What is a kiss:

A kiss is a form of showing your affection to your loved one, your partner it is also a form of showing extreme affection toward your relationship with someone kissing means someone is looking so beautiful or attractive and we want to hug and kiss her which creates positive energy which changes our life. if you don’t know how energy changes our life you can read here how energy changes our life.

Types of kisses:

As we know kissing is a way to show your love toward your partner, baby, your family, and so on.
According to the relationship you kiss, people apply different types of kissing styles according to their relationship and we apply a variety of kisses with your mother, Your kiss with your child is different and your kiss with your life partner would be different.

Here is some type of kiss:

Desi kiss:

Desi kiss is a most known ole generation kiss when someone kisses you on your cheek. It doesn't mean. This shows only affection. this kiss also reflects your beauty women are much more aware of how to be beautiful and they apply makeup styles to enhance their allures.

Kiss in Franch :

Kiss in Franch is the most popular kiss among couples, love birds and so on this kiss is a beginning sign of arousing intimate sensation in both parties. In present-day cosmetic surgery is playing a vital role in age discrimination, do you know what is this?

It is also known as a hot kiss when a male and female come closer and hold one another lips in their mouth and suck it for a while it is called a kiss in France.

Kiss forehead:

A kiss on the forehead is a form of belief. The maximum time when you want to show our compliment toward youngers, we like to kiss the forehead as mom kisses the forehead of their offsprings.

Kiss English:

Kiss English is also a type of kissing a woman as we have known desi kiss which works on the cheek, and Franch kiss which means kiss on lips to lips both are kissing each other kiss English is also a form of kiss in a hot manner mostly used for love arguments.

 Kiss baby:

A kiss baby is a kiss when you want to kiss your partner which is shy to kiss and the boy demands a kiss then most of the time the boy asks the girls to I want to kiss you, baby. Or when someone appears too cute and our heart is out of control we say may I kiss you a baby that’s become, kiss baby.

 hug and kiss:

have you remembered your mind is drowning in extreme love but your love partner is not present with you and you are in a place like a park or in a coffee shop and you are watching some couples talking to each other and hugging to show love and their relationship and you also want to hug your partner that time when you recall your partner and think to if she is with me I also hug and kiss her that is a hug and kiss effect in life?

Kissing effects on life:

As we have read about kissing creating positive changes in our life when we kiss someone it works like electricity and sends a strong signal in our memory which helps us to do more than regular. A kiss has huge importance in our personal and professional life so keep up kissing in your life with your loved one and be happy in your life.

Kiss image of love (what say kissing images)

At the present time social media and the internet, a revolution has changed our life by using social media, we have changed our life a fast network systems we send our thought in a form of an image.

 Images of love is a form to inform others what is perspective for him and he/she is feeling shy to say his/her feeling to a loved one we express our feeling with a help of an image so we can think that kiss image of love has a vital role in our present life.

Movies on kissing:

For a long past in Hindi or English movies or any native movie we have seen kissing scenes many times do you know why they show kissing scenes?
The reason is that this life depends on love and a kiss is a form of love that help people to people connection here are some examples of kissing movies  (kiss Kannada movie, kiss 1963)
These two are the most kissing scene movies which I have suggested to you there are many more movies with the extreme kissing scene. you can download and watch most of the scenes which encourage you on how to kiss for life.
Download: these two movies for a better understanding.
Kiss Kannan movies
Kiss 1963 

Kissing is one of the most widely accepted forms of showing affection.
when we kiss someone we like or love. we feel certain changes in our bodies and mood.
Here is what you need to know about what happens in your body when you kiss.

Prevention before the kiss:

kiss in french

as we get closer to valentine's day on the 14th the 13th of February is observed and celebrated as kiss day hug day etc... Kisses are a way of expressing your love and affection to your loved ones and are also linked with various health benefits, the popular belief is that kissing can help you burn calories, reduce anxiety and stress as water plays a huge role, and improve your mood. When there are so many health benefits of kissing, it may be interesting to know what exactly happens when you kiss a loved one.

Importance of the kiss in life

What happens inside your body when you kiss someone depends on a few factors like who you are kissing-- if it is a close family member, a friend, or a love interest, which part of their body you are kissing can also have different effects of kissing in your own body. However, since we are celebrating Kiss Day as part of Valentine's week, let us know what happens when you kiss a love interest or your romantic partner.

How do your face and mouth react?

for some reason, whenever you feel that you want to kiss your partner, you tend to kiss your partner, and you tend to tilt your head to the right. As a result of the feeling, your lips tend to become way more sensitive than they already are. The sensory fibers in your nose become more active because the smell has a role to play in how attracted you feel to someone. At the same time, your salivary glands start producing more saliva. to get you ready for a kiss.

Kiss kiss your life with butterflies?

You often feel butterflies in your stomach, and a tingling feeling through your body when you finally kiss the person you like so much. This is because when you kiss the person you like or love, the blood flows to certain parts of your body increases. This includes body parts linked with sexual arousal.

What about the hormones when you kiss miss?

We all know that all our feelings are controlled and triggered by the production of certain hormones in the body, as a result of certain activities or feelings. When you kiss someone you like, your adrenaline levels go up. Kissing someone you like or love also produces a feeling of happiness, triggered by the production of dopamine in the body.

A study suggests that the dopamine produced by kissing can stimulate the same area of the brain that is activated by the use of cocaine or heroin. This is one of the reasons why kissing is so addictive, and you may get hooked on it.

Kissing can also, cause the pituitary glands in each of your bodies to release oxytocin, called the bonding hormone, which may help both of you form an emotional connection with each other if you are in the initial phase of your relationship.

How does kissing affect your mood?

Apart from the release of dopamine in the brain, other parts of the brain also shut down negative emotions when you kiss. The release of dopamine and adrenaline can help to improve your mood and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.

How is our physical Health Affected by kissing?

Kissing also leads to a few changes in the body which can have a positive effect on our physical health. Kissing can help reduce cholesterol and make your heart healthy. It can also help you burn calories and aid weight loss.

Avoid kiss :

No doubt kissing changes your mood but there are some important notes before kissing someone Don’t kiss a person who is suffering any mouth or oral problems like a virus as nowadays coronavirus, with tobacco chewing mouth because we know the effects of tobacco on your personnel and sexual life is very bad.


Kiss day and over kiss day we reached valentine's day but remember to kiss a miss, it depends on your personal life status. Everyone wants to kiss or hug their loved one or someone whom they like for many other reasons kissing is a good thing to promote your relationships and enhance positive energy in your life as you know how energy changes our life.
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