Covid-19: what Is arogya setu app & how does it work?

Coronavirus is destroying human life-like insects destroy crops and farmers are compelled to use pesticides but our problem is there are no permanent pesticides or vaccines against this deadly virus. And we have only one way to stop this, "physical distancing" so our government is demanding the nation to stay in the home and keep corona out. you can read also how to sanitize your hand right way to know more about this virus's impact and prevention just sitting at home and this is our life demand to stay home safe life. 

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The government has launched a very interesting app for a health checks or finding health-related solutions. that you will know further in this post. My dear Indians and any other who is now befall in this pandemic please follow the instruction of the there respective government. Do you know which face mask is best for you if you are interested to know then read this information till the end?

Prime Minister Modi, in his

the latest address to the nation called for the extension of the countrywide lockdown till May 03. As of today, there are over 10,060 active cases in the country, with 1k recoveries and 330 deaths.

Considering the rise in cases, the announcement of the lockdown extension is in good measure. Apart from this, another thing the Prime Minister asked citizens to make use of is the Aarogya Setu app, which has been developed by the government to deal with the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

Within days of its launch, the healthcare app garnered over 5m downloads on devices.

What is the Aarogya Setu app? How does it work?

The coronavirus pandemic is spreading in large numbers. Experts suggest that social distancing has been used for a long time as one of the methods to curb or reduce the spike in diseases and infectious illnesses. Thus, apps and innovative solutions such as these, which promote the same idea can help authorities make the population aware and save lives.

In India alone, the cases have

sharply spiked up in the past two weeks, which has led to imposing even tougher measures. By identifying “hotspots”, necessary mapping can help deal with the problem of community transmission, I.e., when cases start spreading within the population in such a way that people don’t know how exposed to the contagion. This is known as “Stage 3” an outbreak.

The app, which is a coronavirus tracker of sorts works on the basis of contact tracing and can help a user identify possible coronavirus  “hotspot” around his or her area. It can help people stay safe and adopt the necessary precaution in some areas where there are cases and accordingly, help stop or prevent community transmission to an extent.

On the basis of geotagging, it can also alert a specific user about their proximity to a nearby infection case or hotspot.

The app also helps users self-identify their risk and monitor their health assessment, considering the times when it can get difficult (and most of all, is not particularly safe to step out and visit health clinics). Aarogya  Setu app also helps people identify the symptoms, and alerts them about the best safety precautions and other relevant information concerning the spread of COVID-19.

While this is a noble initiative, the app also lists basic quarantine measures for those who are considered to be in the high-risk category. It can also help people, who have had a travel history self-quarantine and prevent any risk of transmission.

What else can you do?

Apart from this, what you, as a citizen can do to protect yourself from the harmful coronavirus is to adopt good safety measures and adhere to your guidelines. Ash your hands frequently, sanitize surfaces diligently, and avoid stepping out of the house, unless important. If you exhibit symptoms or are in the presence of someone with the symptoms of COVID-19, wearing a mask can help limit the transmission of germs to an extent. Elderlies, children, and those with underlying medical conditions need to be extra careful and safe.


Nobody wants to fix at home, stay full time at home is rally s boring but my dear friends this is life worthy. So keep in mind that this lockdown is for your safety. Think again and again the county’s economy is going to down but the government is trying to say us to stay home just because of our safety. I hope you will understand why it is important to you. So keep in mind and stay home and make video calls to meet your friend's relative and show off your beauty just applying these beauty tips for video calling. 
source of information: times of India.

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