Here’s how to sanitize your hands the right way?

Life is worthy, and sanitizer creates a protective shield between life and germs so we should know how to sanitize your hand and keep feet.

now we all are suffering from a fear of coronavirus and we should maintain our hygiene. 

I know many of us well known about hygiene and some of us don’t care about hygiene, but this is the time when we have to know each and everything about our social and personnel hygiene.

which became a barrier or protector shield against covid-19 so why not you are thinking about this, “hygiene is important”. 

Many of us doing different idea and style  to protect themselves like making a mask to protect them but do you know-how much your mask is safe if don’t know then go here first for full protection against the deadly viruses.

hand sanitize easy way

What is part of Hygiene?

According to my knowledge can divided our hygiene part in,  two sub parts which will help us to know about our priority.

The first part of hygiene is our outer body and the second part is the internal body.
What is the outer part and how to keep its hygiene?

External hygiene.

From head to tow the body parts which we see and cover with clothes are called External Hygiene. These parts include the face, hands, body, head, genital parts, and legs. They build our external body parts.

 Internal hygiene

Internal parts of our body which help to live us fit because of personnel hygiene is our soul mind, wisdom, ego, etc if we also care them by practicing yoga every day it also cured day by day and resulting in good and germs free healthy life.

To keep fit forever you must care about these all things which are mention above. 

Then you would achieve your higher level of hygiene. 

If you are working man/women then you must keep some high-quality waterless hygiene sanitizer which would help you to keep your hand germs free. 

There are lots of brands are available in the market you can choose any of them according to your needs.

Here is some example for you, which are the best selling products?

Key highlight: protect your health. Protect your family for 24 hour
Skin-friendly, soft, and comfortable.

Usage: squeeze the proper amount of hand washing liquid into the palm, rub your hands together until your hands dry, and do not need to rinse with water.

It is recommended to wash your hands frequently every day. You need to wash your hands when you go out or before meals.

how to stay safe at home.

Steris Corporation stories – calcareous- foam antiseptic hand rub.

This item is fragrance-free.

No-rinse surgical scrub and healthcare personnel hand wash.
A mild, moisturizing formulation
It does not include a bracket.

Revive your skin, it is the combined power of our natural ingredients like witch hazel oil. 

Onion and garlic extract, neroli oil, rosemary oil, Irish moss extract, oregano, and peppermint oil.

Natural and Organic aloe gel: made with ingredients that will naturally cleanse, purify and protect your skin against harmful elements without harmful chemicals that may irritate your skin.

Because the base is aloe vera, our hand purifying gel will eliminate unwanted harmful elements without drying your skin. 

Being a well-known natural skin moisturizer, and collagen stimulator, aloe vera also contains powerful antioxidants.

Safe for kids and babies: because it is made with natural and organic ingredients, you don’t need to worry about your kids, safety. 

It is safe and effective and has tea tree oil which is known to fight bacteria while being suitable to all types of skins. Our hand gel is hypoallergenic and safe even to the most sensitive skin.

Contains: 62.5% ethyl alcohol- Kills germs a must-have for cold & flu season to stop the spread of illness causing germs.

Safe for Kids: Great bulk hand sanitizes pack for parents and teachers. Pure natural ingredients are gentle enough for children’s sensitive skin, while still killing germs. Great to use at home or in your classroom here cold germs lurk.
Cold season protection: a year around must have that’s even more important during cold & flu season. Protect you and your family from the latest bug going around. 

Vital hygiene tool for teachers, gym enthusiasts, communal work areas, salespeople, and other jobs that put you in contact with the public.

know what beauty queen is saying about sanitizer.

Our beauty queens are taking precautions to fight against COVID-19. Are you? We asked them how to wash our hands. After they taught us the proper technique (below), we have our answers:

As the coronavirus death toll continues to rise across the world, the importance of sanitation to prevent the spread of diseases has gained massive importance. 

Apart from observing extremely measures involving social distancing and self-quarantine, it has been learned that simple hand washing can go a long way to curing the spread of COVID-19 too.

hand wash alcohal based

To raise awareness on the importance of sanitizing one’s hand appropriately, the World Health Organization (WHO) launched a social media challenge called. # Safe Hands Challenge.

It’s something we’ve heard again and again from health authorities in the coronavirus pandemic. Wash your hands and wear a mask. With the prospect of a novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic looming, it’s essential to uphold high standards of hygiene.

Here are a few things you can keep in mind while washing your hands:

  • ·        Wet hands and apply enough soap to create a good lather.

  • ·        Lather by rubbing palms together; friction from the gathering helps lift dirt and microbes from your skin

  • ·        Scrub
  • ·        Back of the hands_ use right palm over left to interlace fingers and wash the back of the left hand and vice versa.

  • ·        Plam to palm while interlacing fingers

  • ·        Cup fingers – back of fingers to opposing palms, fingers interlocked.
  • ·        Clean thumbs – scrubbing of left thumb clasped in the right palm and vice versa.
  • ·        Fingertips and nails – fingertips in a circular motion I opposite palm.

  • ·        Rinse hands with water.

Some important question answer regard hygiene.

Q.What is hygiene?

Ans: Hygiene is a process for cleaning our hands to make it germs free.

Q.Does Hygiene means only clear palms?

Ans: not at all, Hygiene stands for clearing your hand mouth head and overall your body to make tigers free but most of the time we use our hands like eating or touching other parts of our body in nut cell our hand do more works then other one so we think only about hand wash.

Q. Does hygiene is important for everyone?

Ans. Yes it is important for each and every person.

Q. why we should use an alcohol-based sanitizer.

Ans: because of Who, CDC, and other health organization found that present of alcohol is capable to destroy coronavirus so we should use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Q. How many times we should wash our hands in a day.

Ans: Well there is no limit of times but remember whenever you go for eating or you touched any unhygienic items you must wash your hand.

Q. Why sanitizer water and shop also cleans germs?

Ans: no, my friends, there are some very strong germs which are shop free and they stay on our skin so we must strong solution to thresh them.


in this post, we discussed hand sanitizer and also knew how to keep your hand and body hygiene hope you all got my message which drives your intention toward hygiene. 

Now at the present time, all world is fighting against deadly coronavirus and hygiene maintenance is a part of fight so think about this and keep your body and mind fit and ready to defeat deadly coronavirus.

best selling hand sanitize for home.

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