Does Face Mask Protect us from COVID--19

CoronaVirus (Face Mask Protect us from COVID--19) in a short of time creates a huge majority with their Identity now almost every country is warning their citizens to be alert about covid-19.
This virus is not as deadly as scarce was but we must protect ourselves concerns of any infection or virus attack which may damage our health systems. So this causation is provided by all the nation’s governments to their citizens to protect themselves from this virus.

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what is covid-19

coronaVirus is a  virus namely Novel coronavirus. Which is coming out in light of the Chinese, Scientists' experiment which was conducted at Wuhan, the reason of China, situated at the seashore? Further, the news secreted by governing officials that this Virus is coming from seafood. But later the reality comes out in light that proves that this is the worse result of failed experiments of Wuhan scientists.

Why There is a need for Face Mask?

as per our conception and reality check by doctors, it is found that" coronavirus is to be transmitted from person to person, so for the safety of every people from infected people, it is said to use a face mask.

but the reality is that there is no need to worn a face mask until it is confirmed that this disease is in you.

At this point, there's no role for wearing masks in the public in the country" this is said by Andrew Pavia, MD, chief of the Division of PediatricInfectious diseases at the University of Utah Health. "There's just not a lot of spread of Covid-19."

who should wear a Facemask?

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The centers for disease control and Prevention: whose a short name is ((CDC) recommends anyone suspected or confirmed with COVID-19 wear a face mask while around other people and animals. if an infected person is not able to wear a face mask due to troubled breathing, people living in the same household should not be in the same room with the infected person-- or should wear a face mask while near them.

“Face Mask” how to use at home:

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Using a face mask at home is very easy you should buy a face mask from your local market or you can choose it directly online from many suppliers. Most of us use a white face mask you may choose any color you like. After buying a face mask you can use it at home to see how it is looking on your face and its coverage in your comfort. if you have issues with your comfort you can choose face mask n9.

when should a face Mask be worn?

if a person has symptoms of coronavirus or has been confirmed with the disease, a face mask should be worn while around other people. this is especially important while at a medical facility. "By putting a mask on, someone who is coughing can reduce the spread of viruses," if an infected person must care for a pet, a face mask is recommended.

If a person is healthy, a mask is only needed if they are around someone suspected or confirmed with COVID-19. Frequent hand washing and proper disposal of a face mask are important.

How Long should a Face Mask be Worn?

I think that nobody wants to wear a face mask, because of the breathing comfort feeling. but if you are suffering from this disease then it is the first prescription provided by doctors to wear a face mask whenever you are meeting in a crowd. this is just for the safety of other people against the infected one.
infected COVID-19 patients should wear a face mask while around others until it is determined by a doctor that isolation is no longer required.

what is the prevention of COVID-19?

Other ways to help prevent the spread of COVID--199 include.

covering your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze.

immediately wash your hands afterward with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol if soap and water are not available.


well, information is always taken time to accept by the majority of people because no one body wants to change their habit which may compel them afraid of others.

But safety is important this is everyone knows so they must apply these things which are above mention to protect yourself from coronavirus.

Remember information is the key to your safety. So use a face mask while you are going out. And maintain distance if someone is suffering from this novel coronavirus. If you find this information helpful for you then share it with your friends to aware them of how to use face masks for the prevention of COVID-19.


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