Olive Oil: boon of The Nature For Hair Treatment

Olive oil is one of the best known natural hair oil, it has multiple uses you can use it for cooking too, if you use this oil for your food it would be very healthy which will help to boost the immunity system. Olive oil has multiple health essential ingredients that have inspired me to create an exciting story for you guys, you will know the country is under lockdown and parlors are closed so how to pamper your health, how to make the best use of your time to enhance your personnel beauty as well as your overall health. This idea got to my mind when I have seen a story on-demand online.

oilve oil for hair growth

is olive oil good for hair growth?

Recently Netflix released a new show, Madam CJ Walker, based on the life of America’s first female self-made millionaires, we know at the present time our life goes on camera and our most of activity is appear on camera, hear I have 10 tips to look beautiful while video calls. this show defines a relationship. who climbed society’s trend by selling hair products from her kitchen. She built an entire empire by bringing the focus of hair care to the masses in the late 1800s. do you want to know how to buildup a relationship with women at home? Our hair is our identity she asserted, and we agree! While we may not be able to pick the kind of hair we want, we can certainly make a source of how healthy our mane is.

olive oil for healthy scalp

is olive oil good for the skin?

The best way of taking care of your hair is by ensuring the right balance of maintaining hygiene, eating a healthy diet, and using the right products, wow hair care for instance. Our kitchen is full of beneficial home remedies that can do wonders for your hair. Take jojoba oil, for instance. This light-textured, multi-vitamin-rich oil can not only aid you in cooking or skincare but is also a boom for your looks.

What do you know About Olive Oil?

Most of us don’t know about this amazing oil but we use it just because of its healthy properties, olive oil is now an essential item found in households, from a shield dressing, to face packs, and from massage oil to hair oils. This indispensable ingredient is a true multi-tasker. Extracted from tender olives, which usually grow in the Mediterranean region, olive oil is widely used all across the world.

Loaded with hair-strengthening and rejuvenating properties, olive oil moisturizes your hair and makes them smooth and dandruff free.

uses of olive oil

Are you getting excited about knowing more about the benefits of olive oil for hair? Find out below:

Best hair moisturizer:

If your hair has taken a dull form due to pollution or dry weather, you can reap some of the benefits of olive oil. Olive oil is not as cloudy or thick as other hair oils and is rich in moisturizing properties. Some people also use olive oil as a replacement for conditioners. Regular use of olive oil on hair will give you smooth, frizz-free, and shiny tresses.

clears Hair frizz-free

The most common reason behind frizzy hair is dryness. Managing limp, frizzy, and dry hair can be a real challenge. To restore your locks’ luscious state, keep them well clean, and healthy. Try doing an olive oil hair spa at home for the best results. This will nourish your hair and scalp and promote hair strengthening.

Silky shine Hair

Not only dry hair can dampen your whole look, but they are also prone to damage caused by harmful sun rays and pollution. To add life to your dry tresses, olive oil is the safest bet. Not only do its rejuvenating properties help in locking moisture, but olive oil also deeply conditions your roots and promotes new soft and silky hair growth.

Keeps Your Hair Dandruff Free

If you have dry and damaged hair, a flaky scalp could be a probable cause. However, another major downside of a flaky or sensitive scalp is dandruff, which also causes acne and breakouts. Hence, it is essential to promote a healthy scalp for healthy hair.
Add a new lease of life to your scalp using olive oil and say goodbye to dandruff. 


You can use three parts olive oil with one part lemon juice for exfoliation purposes. Make sure not to use a lot of lemons as it is acidic and natural and could damage your hair and lead out split ends.


Olive Oil Eliminates Split Ends

Damaged hairs are mostly prone to split ends, which are a visible reminder of bad hair health. Split ends lead to hair fall and thinning out – a nightmare for everyone. To prevent split ends, right after a shower or hair wash, take a tiny bit of olive oil in your hands and run it through your damp hair. Since it is light in texture, it will not make your hair sticky and will add strength and shine to your limp tresses.

How to massage your head using Olive Oil?

  • Mix olive oil and coconut oil in a bowl
  • Heat the oil blend until it is lukewarm and suitable for the application. Do the finger test to ensure it is not too hot for your scalp.
  • Separate your hair with a tail comb into segments.
  • Using your fingers or cotton buds, apply the oil mix gently to your scalp.
  • Apply a generous amount on your hair till tips.
  • Following a circular motion pattern, massage your scalp.
  • Soak a towel in lukewarm water. Drain the excess water and wrap the towel around your oiled head. This will help the nourishment reach your roots and will help in locking moisture.
  • Let it stay for 20-30 minutes, and wash it off with a mild shampoo.

How to choose the best olive oil for your hair?

There is a wide range of olive oils available in the markets in several price brackets. To reap the best benefits of olive oil on hair, use the cold-pressed variety. Trust organic and farm-produced olive oil for the best results instead of picking something off a supermarket shelf. Virgin olive oil has enhanced properties that can help your hair heal faster and also promote hair growth. Do remember the magic lies in the way you use it.

Difference between extra virgin olive oil and

 regular olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil is derived from the first press of olives, which makes it rich in polyphones. It also has a lower amount of fatty acid as compared to pure olive oil.
The extra virgin also oil is light greenish and has a cloudy effect, whereas the pure olive oil is transparent and yellowish in appearance.

Another difference observed is in the pricing of both oils. Extra virgin or cold-pressed olive oil is likely to cost you more than pure olive oil.

FAQ: Benefits of Olive Oil for Hair

Q: How do I pick the right type of olive oil for my hair?

A: First and foremost, ensure the product is fresh. The fresher the item, the better the results. Prefer using organic and non-chemically induced variants to get the most of its natural properties trust cold-pressed or extra virgin variants to render the best results.

Q: Can olive oil act as a carrier for essential oils?

A: Yes, olive oil can be used as a carrier for mixing essential oils. It acts best with rosemary and lavender.

Q: Is there an easy recipe for an effective hair mask?

A: Try using aloe vera gel with olive oil and honey as a hair mask. The properties of all these ingredients together can help you get lovely, lustrous locks. Ix three tablespoons of aloe vera gel in a bowl with add two tablespoons of olive oil. Add honey to the mix and blend well until it becomes smooth. Apply this paste to your scalp generously. Let it stay for 40 to 45 minutes and wash off with mild shampoo.

Q: Does Olive Oil cause hair loss

A: not at all, olive oil is used for hair growth not for hair loss so don't worry it will help your scalp to strengthen your hair root and its follicles.

Q: Does olive oil help bald spots?

A: yes olive oil is good for hair loss. olive oil improves hair development and anticipates male pattern baldness.  


Olive oil has multiple uses and is used according to your need at the present time most of us want to get party-ready. If you also want to be the same then go with olive oil.
No matter where you want to apply it on your skin or hair or love with cook olive oil is naturally healthy with multivitamin power which nourishes your body hair and skin too.
I hope you like this post if so then don’t forget to follow us for more exciting updates.

source of information: Femina

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