If Pregnancy Damage Your Entire Vagina! What Next?

At the time of pregnancy vaginal health changes in various forms, Which further affects your vaginal health. This world is male dominant and they love women because women have beauty and they have a vagina which is the need of every man. 


Most of us are unaware of this when we find some changes we think this is maybe biological changes and they apply home remedies for this but the reality is different.

pregnancy & vaginal health

At the time of pregnancy, women feel too much activity inside their vaginas. pregnancy is not an ordinary process this is the process that changes the entire life of males and females because pregnancy sprouts a seed of motherhood in their minds.

Becoming a parent is not going easily you have to do lots of exercises to be a parent of your own child.

At the time of pregnant women feel itching inside or surrounding parts of the vagina they also got stretch marks on their abdomen.

Pregnancy shows that her abdomen is increasing and their breasts are too, so there is lot of information that you have to know before pregnancy.

To understand how pregnancy changes your vaginal health from virginity to parenting.


You may feel these changes after your baby's birth, here are some viewpoints that will teach you about vaginal health during pregnancy.


Vaginal health during pregnancy

The allure of getting information is always good, if this is regarding your personal life be alert to point out some outlines for vaginal health during pregnancy.


Increased vaginal discharge

Do you know women have two types of sex hormones which are known as estrogen and progesterone? They play a vital role to make a woman pregnant.

When women get pregnant they find some vaginal discharge. they are different from menstrual discharge because of your pregnancy.

When women get pregnant both hormones mixed with their blood and increase volume and blood flow can also increase vaginal discharge.

Types of pregnancy discharge.


Some of us may be going through the first time or maybe thinking to get pregnant if you are thinking like this then read this article. which will teach you how to do sex to get pregnant.

Here we are talking about types of vaginal discharge they are thin, sticky, white, and sometimes milky.

It may increase its volume as you reached your due date. It doesn’t have a fishy or bad smell but there would be some odor. If you find your vaginal discharge is more than normal then you can try cotton liners underwear or cotton pads.



Increased risk of vaginal infections.


Pregnancy is needed for every married woman but it hurts your vaginal health that is the reason many women don’t want to conceive and they apply alternatives like surrogacy.

Pregnancy can increase vaginal discharge which leads to some infections. Although they are common they are able to disbalance you're vaginalpH.

Before reading further about vaginal health during pregnancy crucial identity regards vaginal health.

Which off and on arouse in women’s minds. Let’s face it first.

Common vaginal infections during pregnancy.

vaginal care during pragnancy.

How does your VEG feel when pregnant?

During pregnancy, your vagina goes through many biological and hormonal changes this is the time when the uterus works to protect the fetus from any infection. so they release much vaginal fluid to protect the fetus and maintain vaginal yeast balance. Which is called veg feeling during pregnancy?


How can I clean my private part during pregnancy?

Cleaning your vagina is not matter, remember your vagina has there own mechanism to clean itself. so there is no place of thinking about how to clean the vagina during pregnancy.


Is Vwash safe during pregnancy?

This is the question asked a number of times. I want to suggest that during pregnancy or on normal days there is no need to wash or clean your vagina because it can clean itself.

Using Vwash is safe but only if it is applying only outside don’t try to insert it inside your vagina.


Is a pregnant women’s immune system weakened?


This is the question that indicates that you are conscious of your health and fetus. Pregnancy weakens your immune system as found in many research papers.

During pregnancy, your body is working to maintain your womb so they utilize all your intake foods to grow and protect your womb.

During pregnancy, women don’t like to eat because of hormonal changes which further weakened their system.

So be careful and take healthy food items like iron potassium, protein, and regular check-up. To maintain your good health and immunity system.


Is it normal to be tight down there when pregnant?


As we have discussed how we feel while pregnant, pregnant women’s bodies go trout many changes.

They have to attend an examination to become a mother so there are many changes appearing in women's bodies and mostly in their private parts is the opening of baby birth.

As time reaching to birth your vagina tightens itself to protect the fetus. 

Because every day your womb and its baby increase in size and weight and the vagina is a hole straight down.

 which easily attracts gravitational force and your baby's weight instigates the vagina to remove them because of the gravitational force so it became tight, it is normal.


Itching down their early pregnancy.

If you are a new married woman and want to get pregnant then in the first two months you can feel itching surrounding your vaginal area.

It is because of hormonal changes as you may know there are two hormones in women that mix with your blood to protect your womb so you may feel itching down there. Nothing worry about this it is normal.


Does your VEG hurt when you first get pregnant?

Yes, when you first time gets pregnant your body does a new thing that never happens before your birth. After getting pregnant your vagina makes visible changes in your body so it can hurt your vagina.


At the time of delivery, we see that the vaginal hole increases in size, and after this doctor makes a stitch which is called the husband stitch because pregnancy and birth have increased the size of the vaginal hole.


What is labial swelling during pregnancy?

You may find this symptom during your pregnancy because during pregnancy all nutrition is absorbed by your womb to protect your baby.

So it appears in your life and you fill labial swelling during pregnancy.

You can visit your doctor regarding your problem they can suggest to you after a test.

Pregnancy symptom?

There are many symptoms in which your body indicates you are pregnant or you are about to pregnant.


Eating  turning,

A feeling of eating mango pickles.

Feeling like eating bricks.

Stops of the menstrual cycle.

They are some common symptoms to understand you are pregnant.   



Infection hurts your vaginal health.


Yeast infections:

As we know yeast infections are common infections that are due to candida fungi but not caring about it can make some serious vaginal infections.

During pregnancy, you and your body demand more calories which increases the sugar in food. Which attracts yeast to grown-ups.


So be careful about this infection during pregnancy.


Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)


According to the American pregnancy association, 30% of pregnant women will get bacterial vaginosis.  This is caused by Candida fungi.

A notable identity is the smell of fish dark discharge it is linked with your labor pain. And causes miscarriage so it is advisable to consult your doctor if you find any symptoms of VB.



A main and notable cause of Trichomoniasis is a contaminated meeting without any protection. 

It may cause serious pregnancy complications, Symptoms of trichomoniasis include a foul-smelling, yellow-green discharge.

 vaginal itching and redness, and pain during urination and sex.


Increased vaginal swelling

To support your growing baby, your blood flow increases significantly during pregnancy. 

It’s not unusual for your labia and vagina to appear swollen and feel fuller.

Hormonal changes and increased blood flow may also cause your vagina and labia to darken and take on a bluish tint.

In some cases, vagina swelling is caused by infection.

Make an appointment whether your vagina became red, burning, or itching.


Vulvar varicose veins:

Your legs aren’t the only place varicose veins can appear during pregnancy, Vagina too.

Vulvar varicose veins are caused by an increase in blood volume and a decrease in how fast your blood flows from your lower extremities.

Vulvar varicose veins may cause pressure, fullness, and discomfort in your vulva and vagina and vagina.

parenting tips.

You can help relieve symptoms by applying a cold compress, elevating your hips when lying down, and wearing a compression garment.

Most vulvar varicose veins go away on their own within several weeks of giving birth.


Vaginal bleeding

Vaginal bleeding during your first trimester isn’t unusual. It may be due to the implantation of the fertilized egg into the lining.

It may also be caused by increased blood volume.

In some cases, vaginal bleeding is a sign of miscarriage, especially if it’s accompanied by severing, menstrual-like cramping, and the passing of tissue through your vagina.

Placental abruption (when the placenta peels away from the uterine lining)

Premature opening of the cervix

Preterm labor

Uterine rupture


Vaginal health after giving birth

No matter what scenario your vagina goes through during birth, there’ll be some swelling, bruising, and pain afterward.

It may be hurt to urinate or have a bowel movement.

Vaginal bleeding is common for two to six weeks after giving birth.

Heavy bleeding that’s bright red and may include blood clots is normal for the first 24 hours after delivery.

After delivery. After that, bleeding should gradually decrease. Even so, you may experience vaginal bleeding for up to six weeks.


After the baby's birth, your vaginal hole increased in size and feels like it has stretched.

 It usually regains its elasticity within six weeks.

Kegel exercises and other pelvic floor exercises performed during and after pregnancy helps increase vaginal tone and decrease your risk of organ prolapse into the vagina.

Women who are breastfeeding have lower estrogen levels and are more likely to experience dryness.

Water-based lubricants and natural moisturizers may help relieve vaginal dryness symptoms, such as painful sex.

Vaginal itching and vaginal burning.


Final words…

Giving birth and becoming a mother is the greatest feeling for many women in this course of time they feel like a universe is changing and entering their womb. 

so be careful during your pregnancy and also take care of your vaginal health because it may create toxicity in your relationship, this is the time when your vagina has to suffer a lot so do as I am telling you.


Wipe your from front to back your vagina when you feel to clean it.

Don’t douche or use scented sanitary pads or tampons.

Avoid feminine hygiene sprays or perfumed personal care products.

Wear looser clothing or underwear.

Eat yogurt regularly.

Reduce your sugar intake

Stay hydrated.

Eat a healthy, balanced diet and get regular exercise.

Practice responsible sex.

Consult your doctor when in doubt about vaginal discharge or other vagina concerns. Some vaginal symptoms may be a sign of a serious problem, so it’s best to be cautious.


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Pregnancy affects vaginal health. 

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